Bi-nationals, regional elections, Sunni/Shia war – “Pas l’info” interview [Video]

The team of “Pas l’info! ” interviewed Yahia Gouasmi, president of the Anti Zionist Party, December 31st 2015, on the results of regional elections, bi-nationals and war between Sunnis and Shiites.


Questions asked:

‣  You’ve asked the French not to vote for the UMPS. Yet, they have succeeded once more. Are the French still asleep?

‣  Do you think that the French-Israelis will be concerned by this law if it passes or does it not concern them?

‣  In Nigeria, hundreds of Shia have been killed by the Nigerian army. The shia spiritual leader,
Sheikh Zakzaky, has been hurt and captured. What is your point of view about these events?

‣  Samir Kuntar, a famous personality of Hezbollah, has been killed. What sort of backlashes could occur in the region?

‣  What are the real purposes behind the 34 Arab countries coalition?

‣  Do the Zionists quickly want to annex Palestinian territories ?

‣  Have you got news about this March to Jerusalem you initiated at the beginning of 2015?


Parti Anti Sioniste