Zionist Presence In Yemen

Air strikes by dropping  bombs neutron..
Air strikes by dropping bombs neutron..

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has launched “decisive storm” an operation of aggression against Yemen, one of the poorest countries on the planet.


Despite this offensive, the Houthis and the Yemeni army have shown heroic resistance, inflicting severe losses to the enemy coalition and seizing the country’s main cities.


In response to the resistance taking a military base overlooking the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, Riyadh sent its naval forces to protect the Strait and asked the help from its eternal ally: the Zionist entity.


Indeed, we must know that since May, Israel has increasingly emphasized its military presence in Yemen, which began with air strikes by dropping neutron bombs.


The Yemeni agency “You News” informs us that currently the Zionist entity is directly involved in the Saudi coalition raids against the coasts of Al Makha (province of Taiz), on the Red Sea. The result is the release of arms and ammunition to the Takfiri militia and pro-Saudis positioned in parts of Taiz, an important naval deployment in the Red Sea, and also in some Saudi and Eritrean islands.

Saudi Arabia and its Israeli ally are seeking to capture and occupy one of the Yemeni Islands (Mayyun) facing the coasts of Djibouti and located in the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, a strategic position linking the Hormuz Strait to the Suez Canal.


You should know that the Strait of Bab el Mandeb is the main sea passage route to the world, particularly in regards to oil transport (45% of world oil traffic). The Zionist entity has not forgotten that since 1973 they have been banned from passing through for over eight years, they were then forced to go via the route of Cape of Good Hope which proves to be much more expensive.


Also the Strait is very important from a military point of view. Indeed, the geography of the island of Perim (Mayyun), mainly volcanic and mountainous, constitutes a major military asset in battles.


According to sources, a delegation of Saudi military personnel have met with Israeli soldiers in Djibouti so they can plan the creation of a joint war effort in order to monopolize Mayyun to make an Israeli-Saudi military base to control oil tanker traffic in this strait.

The army and the people of Ansrallah forces have warned the Israeli enemy against its direct intervention in the conflict by warning that their fate would be no different from that of the invading forces in the provinces of Maareb, Aljawf, Bab al Mandab, Taiz, and along the border with Saudi Arabia.


The Anti-Zionist Party yet again condemns the bloody aggression of the Saudi- Zionists against the Yemeni people in which the role of Israel is very apparent.

It is time that our governments stop their collaboration with criminal entities like the Saudi kingdom and the Zionist entity who commit mass massacres while the international community remains silent.


Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

president of the Anti-Zionist Party