Zionist Missiles on Damascus: When the Israeli Air Force Has Its Wings Cut…

Two Israeli Defense Force-Air Force F-15D Eagle aircraft practice air defense maneuvers mission over the Nevada Test and Training Ranges, at Nellis Airforce Base (AFB), Nevada (NV), during Exercise Red Flag 04-3. Exercise Red Flag is a realistic combat training exercise involving the Air Forces of the US and its Allies.
Two Israeli Defense Force-Air Force F-15D Eagle aircraft practice air defense maneuvers mission over the Nevada Test and Training Ranges, at Nellis Airforce Base (AFB), Nevada (NV), during Exercise Red Flag 04-3. Exercise Red Flag is a realistic combat training exercise involving the Air Forces of the US and its Allies.

At dawn, on Thursday, April 27, the Israeli army fired missiles at a depot near Damascus International Airport, claiming that it belonged to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

According to the German news agency Reuters, it was Syrian arms warehouses supposedly, for Hezbollah that was targeted, while other sources claim that the targets were fuel tanks.

It is not the first time that the Zionist army has carried out attacks on Syrian territory since the start of the conflict between armed terrorist groups, sponsored by the US-Zionist Empire, and Syrian loyalist troops, the Axis of Resistance, and Russia.

Indeed, the Israeli colonial army, which has so far refused to intervene directly in the conflict, has nevertheless carried out dozens of air strikes against alleged deposits or sophisticated weapons convoys in order to prevent their supposed transfer to Hezbollah.

In reality, these strikes, for the most part, often consisted of aerial support to the Takfirist groups in difficulty on the ground.

Some also said that the aim is to prevent Hezbollah, the Israeli entity’s nightmare, from arming itself with equipment that would allow it to change the balance of power in the region.

Immediately after the attack, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned this “act of aggression against Syria” thru its spokesman Maria Zakharova, calling it “unacceptable and violating international laws”.

According to the Russian RT channel, Zakharova said:

“We consider this type of attack as going against international law, and we call on all countries to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria”.

As usual, the government of the Israeli war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu neither confirmed nor claimed the attack, although Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Kats told Al-Jazeera that “the explosion was in the interests of Israel”.

However, the minister refused to acknowledge the responsibility of the Zionist entity in this attack. A discretion used so that Syria does not reply, saving Israel from losing face.

Now, it would seem that a reaction would certainly take place as times have changed, and we have entered a new era.

Indeed, since the Israeli air force bombed Palmyra, the Syrian state has left its defensive posture for an offensive approach. The response of the Syrian DCA resulted in the crash of an Israeli fighter jet on March 17th.

That is why last Thursday’s attack was carried out by missiles rather that by an air raid, which gives away Tel Aviv’s change in strategy because the regime now fears seeing its aircrafts slaughtered by the Syrian air force.

After the Palmyra incident, Israeli army commanders received information about the sophisticated anti-aircraft equipment available to the Syrian army capable of shooting down Zionist aircrafts.

This new violation of Syrian sovereignty took place in the aftermath of an extremely important security conference held in Moscow, which mobilized 85 countries, including Israel, with the exception of NATO members.

The conference served as an opportunity to prove the strong alliance that now exists in Syria between Russia and the axis of the Resistance. While the Israeli military minister, Avigdor Lieberman, exclaimed to the exclusion of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria, Moscow reiterated its support for this “totally justified” presence because it was “demanded by the Syrian legitimate government”.

There was also a rather mixed attitude during the talks between the Russian Defense Minister and his Israeli counterpart. Indeed, the differences between Sergei Choigou and Avigdor Lieberman would have opposed the coordination of military operations in the Syrian sky.

A Syrian sky that is now secured by Russian forces, as was announced at the conference by Lieutenant-General Sergei Rudskoy, head of the Main Directorate of Operations of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

To guide the fighting in Syria, a multi-level management system has been put in place. The latter allows the command of the Russian troops at the Hmeimim airfield to control the aerial situation throughout the territory of Syria from this same base“, Rudskoï said.

The Russian official has established a direct link between these measures and the recent US strike against the Shaayrate air base of the Syrian forces. “Such acts force us to take additional measures to ensure the safety of our personnel in Syria”, he said.

It would seem that the Zionist entity, through these strikes, wishes not only to morally and militarily supporting the terrorist groups, but also to test the Russian and Syrian limits in order to see who will retreat when the pressure increases.

It now also appears that the interests of the Zionist entity are in direct opposition to those of Russia, which has decided to put the service of its anti-aircraft technology for Syria, thus preventing the Israeli criminal army from acting as it wishes in the Syrian territory.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns this new Zionist aggression against the sovereign territory of Syria, and is, at the same time, amazed at the international community’s lack of reaction to this attack.

The use of missiles instead of airplanes to bomb their target, demonstrates that the Zionist military understands that Syrian airspace is now secure, and that Damascus would no longer hesitate to shoot down Israeli aircraft as it did at Palmyra.

This is good news for the Axis of the Resistance which thus sees the end of the Zionist air supremacy era in the Syrian sky.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President