Zionist Hysteria about the Vote at UNESCO


This subject has been talked and written about a lot, by both Jews and Zionists. Some, not knowing what this agreement is, feel spiritually attacked while others who know too well what was signed, feel that their nationalism was struck.

This unjustified alarm which the Zionists have launched for months without interruption through their media, is nonsense; it is a mistake, and worst of all, it is a lie! They accuse UNESCO of falsifying history! Which reminds us that “the Old City of Jerusalem is the sacred city of the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

We know it does not take much for the Zionists to be angry. They look for opportunities in order to shout anti-Semitism, yet, they are not Jews in the sense that they themselves deny the Torah and the authentic Judaic tradition.


In France, the CRIF, a Zionist organization, considers that “UNESCO adopted a resolution which denies the link between the Jews, the Wailing Wall, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.” Even some rabbis, contaminated by the virus of Zionism, have fallen into the trap of Zionist propaganda and see in this resolution a manifestation of anti-Semitism, “not only against the Zionist entity, but also against the Jewish People.” “The falsification of Truth ” they say! They struggle to explain and justify the link that exists between the Jewish people, the Temple Mount, and the wall. This is absolutely unnecessary as this link is not called into question.


The UNESCO resolution does not speak of the link between the Jewish people, the Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa, and the Wall. In fact, you only need to know how to read to figure this out. See the attached text (Bijlagen).

The word “Israel” means the Zionists, the occupying force. If the names are transliterated from Arabic, it’s because Palestine is an Arab land.

This resolution was taken protesting the many violations committed by the Zionist regime and its army against Palestinians, the native population.

Regarding the “holy places”, it is up to the Jordanian Waqf to watch over it as per the agreement of 1967. Note that Muslims are respectful of the holy places, and that the Zionists do not even respect the Jewish holy places such as that of the Temple Mount; a very holy place where it is forbidden for Jews to enter.


To recap, the Jewish people are in exile and dispersion, and thus do not have rule over Palestine, the Holy Land, much less the Zionists who are an expansionist, nationalist, political movement formed of renegades. They use the Torah, the Talmud to justify their crimes, and serve Jewish holy places in order to do things that the Torah condemns (political demonstrations, nationalism, inappropriate behavior …)


We hope that with our explanation, we have reassured our Jewish brothers and sisters. We encourage them to remain faithful to the Torah and the words of our intellectuals. The time will come when HaShem will sort out His land and His people from the scourge of Zionism, just as our holy prophets have told us. Be it soon, Amen!


Source: Jeshurun Judaism against Zionism