Will France Militarily Intervene in Algeria?

61ffff1e2873386b95198b2ee2e0582c1-1728x800_cAccording to “Le Canard enchaîné” newspaper, the French government would have made a French military intervention possible in Algeria as part of the fight against Islamic terrorism in northern Africa.

Indeed, in an article entitled “Le Drian has tripped over the Algerian border” published on May 4th, 2016, the satirical weekly states:

“The collateral damage of Barkhane’s military operation, conducted in the Sahel against the AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) Islamic terrorists, had the government succeeding in the creation of political and diplomatic trouble. The big commotion began on October 1st with the publication in the “Official journal” of an order for the least awkward, signed by the Ministers of Defense, Finances and the Budget.

Created under a 2008 law, this text is designed to ensure the financial and social rights of the families of soldiers who were wounded or killed during the Barkhane operation. But the order did not only list countries which were directly involved (Mali, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso). It also lists the names of several neighboring states on whose territory the operations are likely to overflow. Among them Nigeria, Libya, or Cameroon. And, especially Algeria.

A country which is extremely sensitive to matters concerning its borders.  Especially when it comes to French troops. Any presence of the former colonial power on Algerian soil would be regarded as an intolerable threat… “

Faced with the outcry that this revelation could spark from the Algerian political and media class, the French Government decided to remove the publication of ” Such an order to the” Official Journal “, but instead to save it to ” a special record “which would be held secret by the Defense Ministry .”

This information, coupled with the fact that significant amounts of military weapons have been discovered in recent weeks in different places of the country, all shows the seeds that the “BHL”  Zionists is trying to sow, one in favor of the independence of the Kabyle region which would cause the partition of the Algerian nation. This suggests that Algeria is under the threat of destabilization that would plunge the country into chaos.
It seems that the Western- Zionist Empire is seriously considering this scenario, by entrusting France with the main role, taking into account its historical links with Algeria and its deep knowledge of the situation.

So would the French army, after having brought “civilization” to Algeria for almost two centuries, consider settling there again under the pretext of fighting terrorism?
The realization of this Zionist dream will likely dissolve, facing the patriotism of the Algerian people as has already been proven throughout history.
Indeed, if the French government can afford to intervene in African countries, such as Niger and Mali, which are weak militarily and economically under the pretext of helping to fight against Jihadist groups that largely exploits, then the situation is far different in Algeria.
Savvy experts know that the Algerian army is currently one of the most powerful and best equipped in Africa thanks to its Russian supplier Russia, who will certainly find a strong ally to the dangers which threaten it.
As for the Algerians, scalded by the black decade of the 1990’s, they will certainly not succumb to the lure of division and civil war. They are not fooled by the Zionist maneuvers in the region. The Libyan and Syrian examples are there to wake up those who have yet to understand the objectives of the imperialists in the area.


The Anti-Zionist Party is closely following the situation in Algeria and reiterates its warning against any attempts at destabilizing the country.

The Algerian movement is very important in France, it is obvious that any negative actions taken against our North African neighbors would have severe consequences on our country.


The Anti-Zionist Party urges French politicians to work towards peace and cooperation on equal terms with Algeria as well as other African countries, abandoning the colonial train of thought.
It is time to remember the historical lessons and not repeat the same mistakes again by ceasing to follow the imperialist- Zionist agenda, which could lead the country to its demise.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President