Tzipi Livni: A Former Mossad Agent at The UN?

ليفني-300x169The deputy and former foreign minister of the Zionist entity, Tzipi Livni, could soon be appointed to an important position at the United Nations, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Indeed, last weekend, this former Mossad agent received a phone call from the new UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, inviting her to become the Deputy Secretary-General of the organization.

This offer was made amidst a conflict at the United Nations on a proposal to appoint the former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, as the organization’s envoy to the Libyan conflict. According to Haaretz, Livni’s nomination would be a considered as a counterpart to this proposal.

If Livni accepts Guterres’ offer, she would become the first Israeli to occupy a position of such importance in the United Nations. However, this appointment should be approved by the UN Security Council which will not happen as many countries consider Israel to be a war criminal.

Livni was a member of the security cabinet of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in 2008; a war against the Palestinian population which, at the time, had aroused a wave of massive protests because of its murderous and unequal nature, the number of civilian casualties among Palestinians, and the use of weapons prohibited by international conventions by the Israeli army (especially white phosphorus).

Accused by many international organizations of sponsoring war crimes against the Palestinians during this attack, Tzipi Livni is likely to be arrested upon arrival in some European countries. Indeed, in some of these countries, the law does not offer protection against possible prosecution of ex-Israeli officials if they go to that country on a personal or for an unofficial visit.

Thus, in June 2016, the former Israeli Foreign Minister, who was staying in London at a conference, was summoned by the British police to be questioned about her involvement in the war period during Operation “Cast Lead” of 2008. An unprecedented summons, from which the war criminal had narrowly escaped, and only after high-level diplomatic interventions, naming this visit as an official rather than a personal visit.

A year earlier, Livni had avoided possible arrest in London when she attended the Fortune International Summit of the world’s most powerful women, which had been regarded as a personal visit, leaving her without protection. To avoid the problem, the former Zionist minister met with British government officials, allowing the President of the Knesset to transform her trip into an official visit.

In 2009, before a planned trip to England, a British court had issued an arrest warrant against Livni for alleged war crimes, prompting her to cancel the trip.

It is this person who will soon occupy the second position in the UN.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns the very idea of this possible appointment.

Indeed, it would be scandalous for the United Nations to offer such a position to a person whose involvement in war crimes is public knowledge and whose real place is behind bars.

Furthermore, how could the United Nations appoint the ex-minister of a regime that constantly violates UN resolutions to any position?

It would undermine the credibility of such an organization if it still has any…


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President