Trump Reassures Israel which is Terrorized by Iran

Pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran is increasing. This is due to the fact that it is the stronghold of anti-Zionism and spearhead of the Axis of Resistance to the Israeli criminal entity.
Following the instructions given by war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu in his surreal speech at the UN on September the 19th, it was suspected that the Trump administration would speed up in breaking the Iranian nuclear agreement.

It should be remembered that this historic Vienna agreement on Iran’s nuclear energy is a treaty which was signed on July the 14th 2015, between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council Plus Germany (known as the “P5 + 1”) and aimed at ending the Iranian nuclear program and lifting the economic sanctions that affected the country.

On Friday, October 13th, the US President, speaking in an extremely virulent speech against the Iranian government, calling it “dictatorial,” he said that he would not “certify” Tehran’s compliance despite assurances. The International Atomic Energy Agency ,whose director Yukiya Amano, immediately reaffirmed that Iran was subject to “the world’s strongest nuclear verification regime and that Iran respected the agreement”.

If he has made a violent attack against this deal, which he claims to be the “worst” deal ever negotiated by the United States, the American president assured that his country would not withdraw the deal for the moment.

Indeed, without going so far as to “tear” the agreement as he had promised during his campaign, Trump partially challenged the deal signed by his predecessor Obama, saying that “If Iran did not respect the spirit of the deal” he threatened to withdraw the agreement at any time.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Rex Tillerson, spoke of the possibility of negotiating a new treaty that would not replace the existing one, but complement it. In particular, the US administration wishes to eradicate the deadlines of the contract under which the restrictions on the nuclear program are supposed to be lifted gradually by 2025. On Thursday, Tillerson also announced sanctions against certain members of the Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian elite army, which it did not dare to place on the terrorist organization list as Trump had envisaged, and which would have meant a declaration of war against Iran.

This “non-certification” of Iranian commitments places the US congress in the front line, although the Trump administration has indicated that it would not ask congress to re-impose sanctions, which would have marked the end of the agreement. The Republican majority did not seem ready to re – impose sanctions and therefore endorse the responsibility to destroy the treaty backed by the other major world powers. Pentagon chief James Mattis stated that “it was in Washington’s interest to honor the nuclear accord.”


If Trump’s speech was welcomed by the Israeli criminal Zionist entity and their Saudi companions, his speech did not surprised the five signatories (Germany, China, France, Great Britain and Russia).

For example, European Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini warned against the temptation to “dismantle an agreement that works and keeps its promises”, while in a diplomatic but firm statement, British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that they remain “committed” to the agreement, calling for its “full application by all parties”. For its part, Russia has denounced the “aggressive and threatening speech”.

Within the US government, voices are being raised warning: “Anything that sets new conditions to the agreement” will be considered “as a unilateral violation of the agreement itself ” Wendy Sherman, the US chief negotiator of the deal under the Obama era, warned on Friday.

“This puts the national security interests of the United States and their closest allies at risk,” said former US Secretary of State John Kerry, negotiator of the deal, adding that “no evidence existed on Iran’s failure to honor its commitments “.

He also clearly identified who was against signing the agreement, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Israeli criminal entity, which he accused of insistently pushing the Obama administration to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Egyptian President Mubarak, King Abdullah of Arabia, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, urged us all to bomb Iran,” he said in an interview.


It is clear that since Trump’s election, the criminal Zionist entity has returned to being in charge, pushing the US to confront Iran. Because Iran destroys the Zionist entity’s plan in the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon , Yemen, Iraq) regarding the destruction of the Axis of resistance.

The objective of the Zionists is clear: to defeat Iran, the last “preventer of genocide ” against the Palestinian people.

Because behind the controversy over the denunciation of the agreement with the Islamic Republic, it is Iran’s new role as a regional power that is targeted; everyone agrees on this point.
For example, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in an interview with AFP that France did not want to question this “very good agreement”, while adding: “We have strong questions on Iran’s behavior, in particular on the development of its ballistic capabilities as well as on the harmful role it plays in the region, and we must ask the question of its presence in Syria, whether through Hezbollah or the Iranian Pasdaran “.

The instructions given by the Tel Aviv regime were obviously well received, but one wonders how the European countries which have just signed very lucrative contracts with Iran will be able to juggle between their commercial interests and the Zionist pressure that pushes them to war.

The Anti-Zionist Party once again denounces the submission of the US administration to the orders of the Israeli criminal regime which incites it to confront Iran; the last bulwark against the new imperial-Zionist order.

Tel Aviv wants to unite a global coalition against Tehran in order to lead a war that it can neither deliver nor win because it is aware that Iran, without the need for atomic weapons, can stand up to anyone who dares challenge it.

As for the dismantling of its defensive ballistic program or the placement of the Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorist organizations, there are two red lines that, for the moment, Washington has been careful not to cross despite pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.
All military experts are well aware that waging war against Iran will not end well, and the first victims will undoubtedly be the ones who stir up the most flames in the conflict: Israel and Arabia.

Indeed, no one knows whether this war will take place, how it will develop, or how many hundreds of thousands of martyrs will die among the forces of the Axis of the Resistance. But, what we are convinced to be an outcome of this war, is that the criminal Zionist entity will no longer exist.

Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President