o-RACHIB-BIRBACH-facebookAfter the hilarious Hassan Chalghoumi, the pseudo-imam of Drancy, who was supposed to speak on behalf of the French Muslims, the Zionist media made its new imposter: Rachid Birbach.

Indeed, on December 27th, public channel France 3 invited him to respond to incidents that have engulfed Corsica, believing that Birbach, who presented himself as the “President of the Assembly of Corsica Muslims”, had the legitimacy to speak on the subject.

The problem is that the madman in question is not the religious representative he claims to be. Moreover, his “Muslim Corsican Assembly” is only an association in the legal sense and not a religious entity, a fact which Mouloud Mesghati, the true president of the Association of Muslim worship Corsican did not fail to mention.

This was not the first attempt by this impostor. He had already appeared on the media scene in 2013 presenting himself as the imam of Auxerre irking the true leaders of the mosque of Auxerre, who had denounced the deceptive practices of this pseudo imam.

At that time, he had organized a “Jewish-Muslim Friendship Conference” attended by the President of CRIF, Richard Prasquier. This allows for a better understanding of his strange appearance in the French media front.

In addition to being a fake imam, Rachid Birbach is an imposter who is strangely close to Zionist positions and organizations with whom he does not hesitate to show favor for the Israeli criminal entity.

The one who declares to be a “friend of Israel”, stood out in Zionist circles supporting their barbarous policy in Gaza during the 2014 massacres. Even daring to take over all the themes developed by Israeli propagandists including one which claims that Hamas used Palestinian civilians as “human shields”!

Thus, the French Zionist circles have a favorite new face of Islam in France to give to the media in order to further humiliate the Muslim community.

The process seems to have started putting the impostor into play: pictures alongside ultra-strong Zionist media personalities or political powers such as Caroline Fourest, Marek Halter or the current president of CRIF, Roger Cukierman; figures charged to worship him, the media did not hesitate to qualify him as a moderate imam, giving him legitimacy among public opinion.

This is the only obvious explanation for the fact that this figure could be on national TV during prime time, because no one takes the reasons given by France 3 seriously. When they explained that the guest was recommended by another “representative of the Muslim community”; the pitiful Hassan Chalghoumi, regarded by Muslims as a shame and a sham, accustomed to TV stations, ministries, and CRIF dinners …

Thus, after Sarkozy made, in his time, the CFCM very compliant, representing only himself and helped increase the number of Islamophobic laws, the media and politicians in the service of the Zionists continue to use the puppets supposed to speak in the name of the “Islam of France” but in reality they are only speaking via “the voice of their masters.”

So the Muslims of France have the choice to be represented in the media-between the “idiots who keep on saying yes-yes” of CFCM or the clown types such as Chalghoumi / Birbach who dare qualify as imams. After the pseudo Muslim bloodthirsty jihadists, these are the pseudo imams…

All of this makes us ask ourselves: through all the manipulation and tactics, what are the goals of the Zionists in France and what are they trying to provoke? What image of Islam are they giving the non-Muslim population? What kind of messages are they sending to the Muslim population which is ridiculed in this way? What are the ulterior goals of these strategies? Only time will tell, but it certainly will not help strengthen “living together” and it will lead to division and discord among the French.

The Anti-Zionist Party protested against using Islam as an instrument in our country, through the creation of pseudo imams used to serve and represent Zionist interests.

These shameful and humiliating representations must stop.

It is time that Muslims take responsibility by reacting using the laws against impostors who claim to speak in their name while, in reality, they are only speaking in the name of Zionism.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

 President of Anti-Zionist Party