Silence, over the murders in Yemen!

Silence, over the murders in Yemen!
Silence, over the murders in Yemen!

Without a UN mandate, the Arab coalition, led by the Zionist Saudis has been bombing Yemen since March 26 with the target of undermining the popular movement Ansar Allah as well as targeting the Yemeni people refusing Mansour Hadi, the faithful ally of petro-monarchy as president.

The UN silence on the situation in Yemen is unacceptable, and the position of Saudi Arabia at the head of the council of human rights will not help the UN to achieve security in the region…

The Yemeni population has suffered daily shelling from the coalition; residential areas are targeted -a school and two wedding ceremonies were bombed in the early months of October- and Saudi Arabia made the use of prohibited weapons (cluster bombs). 95% of victims are civilians. As in Gaza, international humanitarian law is systematically violated. Except that in the Yemeni situation, the people have suffered more due to the silence of Western media.

In response to the bombings -the petro-monarchy spends $175 million per month for its bombardments-, the popular movement took full control of the Straits Bab-el-Mandeb (the crossroads of international shipping in the Gulf of Aden) and continues its infiltration into Saudi grounds.

Although the popular movement Ansar Allah had agreed last week, upon the 2216 resolution of the Security Council; a resolution that requires Houthis to lay down their arms and withdraw from conquered territories – to be applied as was the requested condition by Saudi Arabia at the negotiating table. However, the former president Mansour Hadi and Saudi Arabia refused to negotiate! This shows that their objective is not peace.

Supported by the US, Britain, and the Zionist entity which guide their strategic direction, the Zionist Saudi seeks to sow chaos in Yemen. Siamese brothers-Israel and Saudi Arabia- fear the strength of the popular Houthi movement which they compare to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The Anti-Zionist Party accuses Zionist Saudi of creating a plague against Yemen while the opposing party is required to go to the negotiation table. This reveals the destructive intentions of the Zionist Arabia and its Zionist allies. The Anti-Zionist Party reminds Saudi leaders warning the founders of the kingdom against any military intrusion in Yemen, as it may cause the end of Saudi Arabia … It has begun!

يحيى القواسميYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party