Organized Lootings and Excavations

“He who controls the past controls the future.

He who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, 1984

A picture taken on August 3, 2016 shows the Tal Ajaja archeological site in Syria's northeastern Hassakeh province.  When the Islamic State group captured Tal Ajaja, one of Syria's most important Assyrian-era sites, they stripped it of millenia-old statues and cuneiform tablets that even archeologists had not uncovered.  / AFP PHOTO / Ayham al-Mohammad
The Assyrian archaeological site of Tell Ajaja vandalized by the EI

“Satellite imagery shows that archaeological sites in Syria are dotted with thousands of illegal excavations; indicating looting on an industrial scale,” said Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, at a press conference in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, on September 16th, 2015.

“Six sites that are inscribed on the World Heritage list have been either destroyed or damaged, and some have been looted: for instance Palmyra, Aleppo, and ancient villages in northern Syria.
Similarly, eight sites inscribed on the list of World Heritage were also subjected to looting and clandestine excavations”, Bokova said.

These pillages were carried out in parallel with the so-called ideological destruction of the Bel temple in Palmyra. The intention behind this destruction is for ISIS and the Wahhabi takfiries to remove all traces of civilizations which preceded Prophet Mohammad.

We know that this argument is a shameful cover as Muslims, both during the prophet’s lifetime and at the time of the expansion of Islam, had ample time and resources to destroy these remnants, if they had intended to do so, but the fact is they never did.

Up until 2014, a decisive year for the expansion of ISIS, the “Gardian” newspaper said that “looting was carried out by different armed groups. But, it was the jihadist organization, which operates for Western intelligence agencies, that has institutionalized and organized these lootings on a large scale. The discovered archaeological objects contribute to financing ISIS. The same way that trafficking arms, oil, or human beings was used to finance them.”

Initially, the terrorist organization charged a 20% tax on the looters whom they authorized to search. But later, ISIS readopted the process by making its own archaeologists work. “It was then that looting reached its peak”, according to the Syrian archaeologist Amr al-Azm.

It remains to be seen how the objects discovered during these “excavations” will be disposed of the objects discovered during these “excavations”. “Despite regulations, illicitly exported parts of Syria and Iraq mainly pass through neighboring countries: Turkey, Jordan, and Israel in order to reach London’s Swiss, French, Gulf, Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian… markets. However, many of these coins take years until they reappear on official markets”, explains UNESCO.

Germany and Switzerland, especially Geneva, Basel, and Zurich would be particularly concerned. As are many countries where objects can find a suitable buyer before being auctioned in London.

The survey reveals the role of the British capital, one of the most important places in the world for the antiquities market, which is “considered a natural destination for looted goods”.

The last archaeological discovery confirms the fact that: Syria has seen the emergence of great civilizations which have radiated over the West. For thirty-five thousand years, man has left his traces there. It is the place where writing was first invented. This country probably holds other secrets, which may certainly reveal the real motivations behind these excavations and looting…

The Anti-Zionist Party points out that the search for past treasures, as well as the appropriation of their memory, has always been a major issue in our so-called modern societies.

From Egypt to Syria and passing through Arabia and Iraq, a frantic race in search of knowledge, science and the power of past civilizations has begun.

Today, our great Zionized powers are putting ISIS to action in order to gain access to the archaeological sites which they had never had any control over.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President