Jeshurun’s Position on the Recent Events in France and Belgium

Zionist propaganda in full swing
Zionist propaganda in full swing

Not only because of the recent tragic events, but because we must also occasionally remind those who are pulling the strings in the world, it is our duty to make this announcement.
We know that mainstream media reports the facts from a certain angle, but it is about who is behind the original terrorist attacks, and therefore we can’t find the solution to limit this plague.

For that we must go back to the late 19th century when Zionism was still only an ideology which no one could have imagined how adversely it would affect the world … no one except our true masters of Judaism who had warned us, but we did not listen. Then came the first settlements and the establishment of the anti-Torah Zionist entity in the stolen lands of the Palestinian inhabitants.

That was not the limit of the Zionists;

Being an expansionist political movement, and not a representatives of the Jewish people, they continued their propaganda to dominate anywhere they were allowed to enter. And that’s what we see in governments, education, media … and the partnership of Tel Aviv – Washington is one example.

Interference in the affairs of states, even those of the European Union is also part of their strategy, while the regime is in the Middle East on the Asian continent; they give lessons and demand what we should do for them, and our politicians allow themselves to be aligned with US policy.

The aim of the Zionist propaganda is to create confusion between Judaism and Zionism, between Jew and Zionist. The confusion is made larger due to the fact that a large portion of the Zionists are covered with a mantle of “piety”, and it is hard to recognize an authentic Jew from a religious Zionist because they have the same outward appearance. We must discern between the Zionist leaders and the Jews who are misled and manipulated by Zionism.

Sometimes the Zionist symbol of the Star of David is not visible, but it is buried deep within those whom we think are Jews. The Zionist regime is greatly helped by religious Sephardic and Ashkenazi leaders who have the title of Rabbis, the worst of which are the ones following the Agoudist movement who are even worse than the ones following the Mizrari movement they once fought. Here a question arises, if the rabbis have become Zionists, should we still listen and lose ourselves to them? What a bad situation we are in!

Zionism is arrogance, domination by terror, usurpation of lands, and the provocation of conflict. It is an ideology that is incompatible in thought, speech, and action with authentic Judaism.
One of the reasons that Judaism was very weak is certainly the Zionist infiltration of Jewish communities. Recall that the tactic of the secular or religious Zionist leaders is to use sensitive and important issues in Judaism such as the return of Zion for which the Jew prays three times a day, in order to lure the strong Jews to their heresy. Indeed, the Zionist movement was composed of renegades from Judaism who were later joined by religious personnel and even Rabbis seeking money, honor, and power.

With this introduction, we can understand the facts. The keen observer will notice that the Zionists are behind everything that happens. They are involved in everything! You may say, “But it is the Islamists who perpetrated the attacks in Bataclan and Brussels!” Yes, however … the Zionists are using this fact.

The jihadists, whahhabies, takfiris … and the Zionists, these terrorists are of the same seed, they work together to search the internet to find how they all collaborated together in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia , etc! ). The “main stream” media does not tell you this.

Concerning the jihadists, terrorists of Muslim origin, it is clear that the Muslim community leaders have to do their best in order to avoid having the young and the old be indoctrinated by Wahhabism and Takfirism. Our European governments also share a great responsibility because they do not provide jobs and activities for their non-white citizens. Zionism and racism go together.

These latest events began with the attacks in Paris (synagogues, shops, Super Kosher, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan), and the attacks by members of Betar, JDL, and other Zionist militias… the victims of the Zionist activities are both Jews and non- Jews.

I want to return to Judaism in France. Thank God there are brave Jews who observe the Sabbath, who are working, educating their children well, and who are socially engaged. But many communities are dominated by influential Zionist organizations such as the Representative Council of French-Jewish Institutions as well as others which disguise themselves as charities. They exercise their influence, causing situations of panic in order to offer them the only solution, the one which moves them down into the hell of the Zionist entity. Of course, they present it as a “haven of peace”, “home”, etc. They make themselves seem indispensable!

Together these bad elements ensure insecurity, they are working on discord between believers of different communities. Although ecumenism is prohibited, we must socially stand together against our common enemies: the injustice, the Zionist and jihadist terrorism that our politicians support and feed while saying that they are fighting them.


The time is worse than ever! We must wake up and defend the ancestral Jewish Tradition in France while we are still in the period of Exile and living as loyal exemplary citizens! (The Jews are still “wandering” on Earth without a land) There are many French Jewish brothers and sisters informed me of their project or decision to settle in “Eretz Yisroel!”

Among those who actually went, some of the ones who came back were bitterly disappointed, others have fallen into heresy and are complicit and guilty of the crimes of the Zionist regime and its army against the Palestinian population and its neighboring countries. Is it not a legitimate aspiration to be in Jerusalem?

Yes, but … it is precisely that on which the Zionists work the brave Jews who know little or nothing of Zionism! The return to our land is a promise that will happen only when we have repented.

Unfortunately, our Rabbis, most of whom are infected, forget or do not teach that we, the Jews, are in exile and scattered by Divine decree, and that there are conditions for the return to the Holy Land as Jewish people!
What to do? First of all, spiritually, we must return to HaShem, soak up the Law and the thoughts of those who are wise and socially, we must take responsibility as citizens. For example, we must not vote for politicians who are in cahoots with the Zionists in order to protect our country. Left-wing, right-wing, it no longer means anything. We must elect those who are not at the service of the Zionist regime, but those who care about their citizens and have a foreign policy that we should not be ashamed of.

Concerning the attacks in Brussels, we notice that the Zionists also use it for propaganda. Although there were no deaths among them, they jumped at the chance to get involved. They even monitor how the facts are reported. Thus Zionists in the Belgium attacked an employee who used the word Palestine instead of the “State of Israel” saying that Jews had settled in the land of Palestine, which is right. This incident has been propagated in the press and the employee who does not recognize the Zionist state lost his job! Just having an opinion other than that of the Zionists, has them come unhinged!

Documents show that the Zionists are behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels and they had even warned; they even predicted the relief of an NGO “United Hatzalah”, collaborating with the Zionist army and linked to the Mossad, who was there to “assist the nurses caring for the wounded.”

Surely our politicians bear a heavy responsibility in negotiating with a criminal regime. Besides, I wonder why EU members must always be on the wrong side when they have to take positions in international affairs, especially when it concerns Palestine where they defend the Zionist criminals. They also suspected Iran of using nuclear power for military purposes while knowing that this is not true!

We welcome all initiatives from our true Jewish colleagues who want to join us in the Jewish anti-Zionist resistance.
Of course, we want to be clear politically:

– To boycott Zionist products

– To sever all ties with the Zionists

-To denounce the crimes against the Palestinian population

-To empathize with other victims of Zionism

– To require the expulsion of Zionists outside the true historical

-To demand the return of the many exiled Palestinians since the Nakba

– To wish for a Palestinian state without Zionism. A state under Palestinian sovereignty only (not a two-state solution, because all this solution amounts to is a recognition of Zionism.)

The struggle against Zionism is an everyday struggle.
May HaShem have mercy on his children, accept our answer, and send the Messiah for a complete redemption.



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