In the Zionist Entity: Prison at the Age of 12!

israel-enfantIt is with dismay that we learn that the so-called “Most democratic state ” and the “most moral army “, announced Wednesday via the Israeli Parliament that they have lowered the minimum age for imprisoning those who commit acts of “serious terrorism” from 14 to 12 years of age.

This announcement delighted their supporter Gilbert Collard who praised this law in a commentary published on a Twitter feed which supports him where he said:

“Israel lowered the minimum age of imprisonment to 12 years: courage in politics is to adapt to the threat in order to protect the people.”

A law whose context is undergoing repeated anti-Israeli attacks by Palestinian youths. the Parliament explains on its website that ” authorities will be allowed to imprison a juvenile convicted of a serious crime such as murder, attempted murder, or homicide, even if he or she is under 14 years of age ”
“A child under 12 years old can indeed be tried for a criminal act “, said a spokesman for the Department of Justice.

The law was finally adopted on Tuesday after its third reading by the Parliament which is dominated by a right-wing majority which supports the government of Binjamin Netanyahu. The text was submitted facing a resurgence of anti-Israeli attacks whose perpetrators are often Palestinian adolescents.

This reality “requires a more aggressive approach,” said the Parliament. “It doesn’t matter to the person murdered by a knife to the heart if the murderer was a 12 or a 15 year old child.” said Anat Berko, MP of the right-wing Likud.

It is worth mentioning that Anat Berko is sponsored and backed by the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked. Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jerusalem have suffered violence since   October 1st 2015. The violence has killed 219 Palestinians, 34 Israelis, 2 Americans, 1 Eritrean, and 1 Sudanese, according to a statement by the French Press Agency.

Most of the Palestinians killed were authors or authors suspected of being attackers. B’Tselem, an Israeli NGO (non-governmental organization) that documents violations of human rights in the occupied territories, has refused adoption of the law:

 “Rather than sending them to jail, Israel would do better if it sent them to school where they can grow up with dignity and freedom, rather than under the occupying regime,” it said

In fact, the new law applies where Israeli civil law is applied. In the occupied West Bank, military law already allows Israel the imprisonment of 12-year-old minors.

Yet the horror that the Palestinians face every day is not at an end yet. In addition to disregarding the rights of Palestinian residents, they are also violating the rights of children; this was unofficial in the past, but has become official today.

The cries of pain of the oppressed are heard in the world, but no one or very few are doing anything.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns this deviation and lack of humanity to which the government of the Zionist entity is subjecting the legitimate Palestinian people. The time has come to truly stop these atrocities. It is time that the world wakes up and unites against these injustices committed by the Israeli government.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President