Exile under “religious” Zionism by Hadassah BORREMAN

eae3e1b948d04943856752b0597c7348A lot of good and brave Jews still don’t know what is actually happening in the world. However, they are demanding to know why the messiah has not yet come even though they have accepted the burden of exile, and are repenting for the transgressions for which God chased them out of the Holy Land.
We do not need to go far to realize the ones which are delaying the redemption and thus making the exile longer and more difficult!

They are everywhere, in high ranks in countries all over the world, they are dressed in ties, hats, and they also run Jewish communities!

Without being a learned rabbi or a political expert, we can see that the Zionists are behind all conflicts, and act on behalf of the Jews, the Torah, and the Talmud, whose interpretations of sacred memories about certain subjects they falsify.

In recent years, and until today, the Jewish people suffer shame because of the crimes that the Zionist regime and the Zionist army are committing against native Palestinians and even against anti-Zionist Jews living in occupied Palestine who are only demanding their rights.

The Zionist propaganda is smearing the reputation of the Jewish people, thus deceiving nations over the value and the role of the chosen people, so that they do not differentiate between authentic Jews and religious Zionists.
This is why Zionism has also infected Rabbis! At first, the Zionists were more of the secular renegades, although there were some which were “religious”. Today however, Zionism has taken a religious form, which means that we see more and more Zionists disguised as ” pious Jews” who take the charge from the government or are in the Israeli parliament.

The Zionist regime attacks young orthodox Jews; young men and boys in Talmudic schools in order to attract them, or even force them to enlist in the Zionist army! It is with great difficulty that we save some of them from the hands of the wicked who want to deny them true their true faith!

We talk about exile and dispersion, but we should also be more in agreement with the following statement: there are far too many Jews in the Zionist entity. In addition, they are embarrassed to fulfill the commandments of the Torah.


How would they do without relying on the “advantages” of the evil, illegal Zionists in Palestine?
Would they be in Palestine if they did not rely on the money and the protection of the “dangerous Arabs”?

We invite our Jewish brothers and sisters who do not qualify for residence in the Holy Land during the exile to leave the Zionist entity in order to escape the misfortune that may suddenly occur. Many sincere Jews did this when the Zionist entity was first created.
Our Exile is all the more painful because blasphemy is done on the political, business and religious front! Where and whenever they can, they mingle in the affairs of countries with the interest of the Zionist being their top priority.

As an example, we have recently seen an Orthodox Jewish delegation of businessmen and young people during Chaunkka dancing with Bahraini politicians; dreadful Arabs who do not respect the rights of Man! Few newspapers reported and denounced this fact. This was not their first Zionist outing!

We distance ourselves from this Zionist sect, although in terms of Judaism, they do good things. Moreover, their last two Rabbis fell into Zionism even though they themselves had never set foot in the Holy Land. It is unfortunate that they left the anti-Zionist line of their predecessors; true anti-Zionist Rabbis such as Rabbi Sholom Ber Schneersohn (1860- 1920). Now they have a village in the Zionist entity Kfar Chabad, they collaborate with the regime, and bail people out the army, etc…

Some criticize us for going with the Muslims when we are talking about a friendly strategic alliance with the Muslims against Zionism which is the common enemy of Muslims, Jews, and humanity!  
The relation between the Zionists and the Arab dictators is long-standing; The Zionists and the Wahhabis / Takfirists stem from the same evil seed. This was unveiled during the current war in Syria, where Zionist and Islamic terrorists are working together against the legitimate government of Damascus. It was also seen during the Zionist-Saudi meetings that were plotting against the Axis of Resistance.

We also remind that the Zionist regime is actively working to attract brave European Jews into their diabolical entity. Thankfully, the Jews are no longer allowed.
Some of those who go into the Zionist entity are Zionists at heart, but most of them have been trained to take on this Zionist ideology and entity. Many have returned even more disappointed thinking that they were brought to the Ancestral Land in order to be able to live Judaism to its full potential!
It is important, more now than ever, for us Jews to study the Torah and apply what we teach, and know what Zionists are doing in our name. They set nations against us in order to accept their control. We must denounce every blasphemy, for each one delays the coming of the messiah and the fulfillment of the divine promise for the Jews and for all of humanity.