Did the Franco-Israeli War Criminal Elor Azaria Forfeit His French Nationality?

elor-azariaFollowing a trial, the Israeli military court in Jaffa declared Elor Azaria, a Franco-Israeli soldier, guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, January 4th. The 20-year old soldier was accused of killing a wounded Palestinian fighter who was laying on the ground on March 24th in Hebron.
He faces up to 20 years in prison, his sentence will be set within a month.
Colonel Maya Heller, president of the court, said that the soldier had no reason to kill the Palestinian who was no threat. “His motive was that he thought the terrorist deserved to die,” she said.
This crime shocked the entire world. Indeed, the video of the event, which was quickly circulated on social networks, triggered an outcry.
On March 24th, 2016, two Palestinian resistance fighters attacked Israeli soldiers in Hebron in the West Bank. Taken for targets then hit, they fall to the ground. While the first assailant was apparently dead on the spot, the second, clearly unable to inflict harm, was still lying on the ground. That’s when Sergeant Elor Azaria, the 19-year old Franco-Israeli soldier, loaded his gun. Filmed by a pro-Palestinian militant without his knowledge, he killed 21-year-old Abdel Fattah al-Sharif with a bullet to the head.
This is clearly a war crime: An occupational army soldier killing a wounded Palestinian soldier laying on the ground… all this in the presence of armed and indifferent accomplices.
The video is telling in this regard, it first shows us Al-Sharif wounded and lying on the ground while dozens of soldiers and settlers stand near him chatting, on their phones, and taking pictures. Several doctors are on the scene, but they ignore the wounded Palestinian. After the murder, none of the spectators seem surprised. No one attacks Azariah nor runs to al-Sharif to see if they can keep him alive. Instead, viewers simply continue to act as if nothing happened!!
The indifference of those standing a few meters from the crime is the most shocking, it is indicative of an entirely dehumanized Israeli society.
Within the Zionist entity, reactions to the verdict were quick; the vast majority of the public was talking about the murderer during demonstrations and on social networks. A survey conducted by the iPanels institute published after the announcement of the sentence indicated that over two-thirds of Israelis were in favor of a pardon for Azaria.
The same goes for the political class as well as most ministers who support the assassin. In the lead is a war criminal himself, was Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared that he was “in favor of Elor Azaria benefiting from a measure of grace”.
On the Palestinian side, there is no illusion about the aftermath, as Fathi Al-Sharif, the victim’s uncle, who predicts “a light sentence” or a pardon given “the pressure on the system and the sympathy that the soldier has attracted from the Israeli society”.
This case reflects the reality of Zionist thought, and no one is fooled by the fact that this trial took place only because of the video which outraged world public opinion. As for the Israeli army, the error of Elor Azaria is not that he murdered this Palestinian, rather it’s that he did it on camera .
“The problem is not limited to a rogue soldier,” said Sari Bashi, head of the NGO Human Rights Watch. “It is that Israeli leaders publicly tell security forces to shoot to kill.”
According to Amira Haas, a well-known Haaretz journalist, the French-Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, is by no means an exception, “he is the norm”.
As for deputy Ayman Odeh, chairman of the united Arab List to the Knesset, the soldier is “certainly responsible for his actions, but the true culprit is the Israeli government which, for fifty years, has chosen to make maintaining military law on a civilian population deprived of their rights, the role of young men and women soldiers.”
This Israeli army, which the Zionist agent BHL (Bernard Henry Levy) and French deputy Meyer Habib define as “the most moral in the world”, is in fact the instrument of a violent domination and a process of ethnic cleansing that has been ongoing without Interruption since 1948. An army that is the longest occupying army in the modern world.
As for the French government, we have heard no reaction in regards to the killer’s dual nationality. There has been no discussion of termination, “deprivation of nationality”, or even a conviction in this case.
The political class, the intellectuals, the media, none have anything to say. The human rights of France is silent, and as we all know, “he who does not say a word implies consent.”
The Anti-Zionist Party considers it scandalous that our government authorizes Frenchmen to serve in an occupation army which commits murders daily, and whose human rights violations are repeatedly ignored even by the United Nations.
Because of this, we blame Frenchmen like Elor Azaria, who commit such crimes, and our government who is directly responsible for all their terrorist acts, for all the consequences they may have in France.
This video and trial reveal the monstrous behavior of the Israeli army; totally dehumanized and without any morals, which is only a reflection of the Israeli society, that mostly supports this war criminal.
How can we continue to remain silent in the face of the crimes committed by this terrorist state that violates all international laws?
A state which has: legalized torture, taken families as hostages, enforced collective punishment, enforced extrajudicial arrests and executions, seizes land, controls 80% of Arab water resources, has closed towns and villages which forbid the displaced and imprisonment of Palestinians.
What more is needed for our democratic governments to respond?
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President