Beijing Protests US Sanctions Against Tehran

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his counterpart Hassan Rohani On 23 January 2016 in Tehran

On Monday January 6th, China announced that it had “complained” to the United States after the new sanctions taken by the Trump administration against Iran; measures that indirectly affect Chinese companies and Chinese individuals.

The sanctions, affecting 25 natural and legal persons, were issued on Friday, two days after Iran was “warned” for firing a ballistic missile.

Those affected by these sanctions no longer have access to the US financial system, can’t trade with US companies, and are subject to secondary sanctions.

This means that other foreign companies cannot trade with them or they will be blacklisted by the United States. Two companies and three Chinese citizens are affected by these measures.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said China had addressed this in a protest in Washington arguing that the initiative was not conducive to building mutual trust.

“We have consistently opposed unilateral sanctions” Lu said.


On Sunday, the two company heads said that they had exported “normal” products to Iran and that
they had committed no offenses.
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