Attack in BANGLADESH: ISRAEL is Involved

attentat-bangladeshAfter the attack in a Dhaka restaurant that killed 20 people, mostly tourists, the interior minister of Bangladesh, Asaduzzaman Khan accused Israel of being responsible for this crime.

“Bangladesh has become the target of an international conspiracy, and a foreign intelligence agency joined this conspiracy.”

“Recently, we arrested a politician in this country who met with an Israeli Intelligence agent, there is no need to explain further.”

The interior minister, Mr. Asaduzzaman Khan, accused Aslam Chowdhury, the general secretary of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), of having met with a Mossad agent during non-official travel last March.

The Islamic State claimed the attack in Dhaka. The investigation revealed that among the perpetrators were: a graduate of a renowned private university, an 18-year-old student, a 26-year old kindergarten teacher, and the son of a Bangladeshi politician close to Imtiaz Khan Babul.

The politician assured that he was not aware of the current radicalization of his son, who had been missing for several months.

“I remain speechless knowing that my son had committed such a heinous act”, said Khan Babul “I do not know what has changed. There was no evidence suggesting that he was being radicalized. He virtually never read religious books. ”

He then added that maybe his son was “brainwashed” and that he was radicalized via the internet

Let us point out the facts:

Friday evening, five Bangladeshi Islamists entered a Dhaka restaurant killing 20 guests, mostly Italians and Japanese. The attackers were shot a few hours later by police. Italian representatives said that 9 Italians were tortured before being executed, as was apparent by the stab wounds discovered when their bodies were sent back to Rome

The ISIS is said to be targeting places frequented by “citizens of the Crusader States”. This attack is unprecedented in severity in a country that has been facing a wave of violence since 2013. But despite threats and attacks, the Bangladesh government denies the presence of organizations such as ISIS or Al Qaeda on its territory. The attack on Friday, for example, was assigned by the government to a local terrorist group, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) which pledgedes allegiance to ISIS.

On Wednesday, the Islamic State announced in a video that new attacks would take place in Bangladesh until the Sharia, Islamic law, is introduced.

The police stated that it has strengthened its security measures in response to the threat contained in the video.  “We take this issue seriously. All units are working tirelessly “, said police General Deputy Inspector, Shahidur Rahman.

The Anti-Zionist Party will continue to tirelessly denounce Israeli Zionism which is responsible for the Islamic State. These heinous attacks will not stop until the Zionist entity surrenders its destructive power.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President