Amnesty International accuses Israel…


Amnesty International accuses Israel…

With evidence, the Israeli regime was accused of committing “war crimes”, by killing “at least 135 civilians”, in retaliation for the alleged capture of one of its soldiers, during the summer war of 2014 in the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist entity launched a disproportionate attack against Gaza. A joint report by the NGO Amnesty International based in London along with the research team Forensic Architecture located at the Goldsmiths University of London contained the evidence about of these war crimes. Part of the report informs us that “The systematic and the apparently deliberate aerial and ground attacks on Rafah which killed at least 135 civilians, could also constitute a crime against humanity”.

The report “Black Friday: Carnage in Rafah” is based on “satellite images, eyewitness testimonies and hundreds of pictures and videos”, which trace the course of the attacks on residential areas in Rafah, between the 1st and the 4th of August. According to Philip Luther, Director of North-east Africa program of Amnesty International, “Israeli forces committed war crimes during an intensive bombing of residential areas in Rafah, which endangered the civilians’ lives in a shocking manner, in response to the capture of the Israeli Lieutenant Hadar Goldin”.

The report calls for an investigation about the “compelling evidence of serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by the Israeli forces in Gaza”.

In the beginning of July 2015, the Council of the UN Human Rights adopted a resolution calling on those who are responsible for war crimes during the Zionist military aggression, to be brought to justice.

The Israeli authorities have denounced the report, accusing Amnesty International of “having a compulsive obsession disorder when it comes to Israel”, while the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily condemned the “scandalous” decision, as he described, of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has launched a preliminary investigation for war crimes against the Palestinians!

Thus far the Zionist entity has been above international law. Its army, which is one of the best trained and top equipped armies in the world, is, in fact, one of the greatest terrorist organizations worldwide whose sole purpose is terrorism.

Despite its repeated violations of international law and war crimes, Israel has never been convicted by the international court or subjected to economic sanctions; thanks to Washington who routinely uses its veto in the UN Security Council and pressures its NATO allies and the European Union. The international tribunals are supposedly dominated by global Zionism. Hopefully this time, the initiative launched by Amnesty International succeeds in condemning the Zionist entity for its practice of apartheid and the war crimes committed against a civilian population.