Yemen: An NGO announces a death toll of 60,000

As the world goes on vacation, 14 million people in Yemen are at risk of starvation.

Indeed, the country is the victim of the incessant and deadly bombardment of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia within the framework of an aggression, which has lasted for 3 years and caused thousands of civil victims, among which, unfortunately, many are children!

In this regard, Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (Acled), an NGO specializing in the analysis of data on political violence around the world, published a report on the war against Yemen on its website on December 11th, 2018.

Among the information provided for the period from January 2016 to November 2018, the document mentions a death toll of 60,223 deaths, stating that nearly half of these deaths occurred in 2018.

A report that contrasts significantly with the “more than 10,000 deaths” announced and regularly reported by the media; a report dated from early 2017.

In fact, let us take the example of the AFP, which wrote on December 17, 2018:

“The war in Yemen has killed at least 10,000 people.”

Highly publicized, this estimate comes in fact from a UN assessment dating from early 2017, due to the lack of more recent data from the international body.

On October 26, 2018, the journalist Patrick Cockburn, for his part, declared in the columns of the British newspaper The Independent:

“We often quote the number of 10,000 dead. It comes from a UN official who spoke of the only civilian casualties in early 2017. A figure that has not changed since then. ”

Nevertheless, rare independent estimates exist, such as that advanced in August 2018 by The Washington Post, reporting 50,000 deaths.

Denouncing a “lazy attitude” of the media world which, by only relaying the estimate of the UN, “considerably minimizes the devastation”, Andrea Carboni, one of the researchers who worked on the report, told RT that the crisis in Yemen had been largely underestimated. Indeed, in a tweet published on December 11, the researcher said that the month of November 2018 was “the most violent month since the Acled began to monitor the violence in Yemen, with 3,058 deaths reported.”

Mark Lowcock, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, stressed that Yemen faces “a clear and present danger of a giant and impending famine”.

This is what he declared on October 23, estimating that 14 million people could be victims, half of the country’s population!

Indeed, in front of the members of the UN Security Council, he sounded the alarm saying that:

“75% of the population or 22 million people need help and protection, 8.4 million are severely food deprived and depend on an urgent supply of food. In the worst case, this figure of 8.4 million could increase by 5.6 million, putting the total number of people in Yemen under pre-famine conditions to 14 million. ”

Referring to the occupation of warehouses containing food or attacks on hospitals, he denounced the aggression of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia:

“The parties to the conflict continue to violate international humanitarian law.”

It is clear that the holidays that we are living now do not unfold in the same way for everyone. While some enjoy family and friend reunions, others, such as Yemenis, are forced to live the holidays with bombs, fear, starvation and because of the infamy of abject monarchs.

Why this double standard? Who has the right to inflict this accursed war on a people who only want to live peacefully in their country?

When man moves away from consciousness, faith, and good sense, he goes astray and his heart darkens, hardens and dies, leading to the destruction of humanity.

It is high time that men who have preserved their humanity take the baton in order to get rid of all those arrogant Wahhabi- Zionist despots who believe themselves to be above ordinary mortals.

The Earth is for all men and women who aspire to live in peace in all their inestimable diversity.