We are Jewish and we are anti-Zionists

We are Jews, heirs of a long period when the great majority of the Jews considered that their emancipation as an oppressed minority passed through the emancipation of all humanity.

We are anti-Zionists because we reject the separation of the Jews from the rest of humanity.

We are anti-Zionists because the Nakba, the premeditated ethnic cleansing of the majority of Palestinians in 1948-49 is a crime that needs to be repaired.

We are anti-Zionists because we are anti-colonialists.

We are anti-Zionist because we are anti-racist and because we reject the apartheid that has just been formalized in Israel.

We are anti-Zionists because we defend “living together in equal rights”everywhere.

At a time when those who unconditionally defend Israeli politics despite the occupation, colonization, blockade of Gaza, arrested children, mass imprisonment, torture made official in law…and prepare a law that equates anti-Semitism, which is our intimate history, with anti-Zionism,

We will not be silent.

La Coordination nationale de l’UJFP, le 18 février 2019