Venezuela announces coalition to oppose US interference

On Thursday, Venezuela announced the creation of a coalition uniting Iran, Russia, North Korea, China and Palestine to counter the US interference in the internal affairs of other countries, according to a report from news agency Fars News.

In the face of US-backed attempts to overthrow Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza said in a speech in New York, in front of several UN delegates, that the group plans to take action to protect the fundamental principles of the re-established United Nations Charter to protect the sovereignty of countries, and to urge the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of others.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in this regard and noted that a number of UN Member States had decided to take concrete action to protect the UN Charter and the rights of all his members.

“We are convinced that our coalition shares the same interests. We strive to defend the following principles, “said a statement issued by Caracas:

1- Respect the principle of equal rights and self-determination of people

2- Respect the sovereign equality of all members

3- To settle international conflicts by peaceful means so that international peace and security can never be threatened

4- Avoid the use of force against other countries

5- Respect the territorial integrity and political independence of all countries

6- Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries


“We believe that these principles are being violated and this represents a threat to our right to peace and security, violates the rights of people and undermines their efforts to progress,” said Venezuelan diplomacy.

Countries engaged in the anti-interference coalition will respond appropriately in the coming days to raise public awareness of the dangers their populations face, the text concludes.