To the sowers of hatred, to the words that kill

It is with horror that the world witnessed the carnage of Christchurch in New Zealand yesterday. One whose images of peaceful Muslims savagely murdered as they came to attend Friday prayers circled the web.

A terrorist act that chills the blood due to its methodical and inhuman character, which our media has demoted and moved to the background even though in the days prior, they relayed a virulent offensive video against Islam and Muslim women wearing the hijab. A video which stigmatized and insulted them in the name of this sacrosanct freedom of expression that is only exercised when it comes to insulting them (Decathlon, Nocibé, Etam, Minister Schiappa or the deputy Anne-Christine Lang etc.).

Similarly, there was no trace of our Islamophobic politicians and intellectuals who usually appear on our TV and radio stations to explain that the ills of France come mainly from Islam and Muslims. A theme they want to impose, while the revolt of the Yellow Vests continues to demonstrate that the problems of the French are very far from this misleading and criminal propaganda, since the question of Islam never appears in their claims.

These are the same people who inspired the Australian killer, according to his own writings. Indeed, their hate speech exerted an obvious and concrete influence on the latter, causing him to shoot down, as in a video game, 49 men, women and children whose only fault was to be Muslims.

At a time when the Anti-Zionist Party and the Center Zahra France are under pressure and threats of dissolution from the Ministry of the Interior, under the pretext that their anti-Zionist message, though unequivocal, could, perhaps, eventually be “Subliminally” misunderstood, and bring frail people to develop anti-Semitic and hateful feelings. This same ministry, as well as our government, irresponsibly allow arsonists whose names we will not belittle, make statements that clearly call for hatred against Muslims and propagate xenophobia.

We therefore bring to their responsibilities all those incendiaries and accomplices, whether passive or silent, all of whom share responsibility in this carnage, even if it is indirect:

– These politicians, pseudo-intellectuals and other TV chroniclers, who have spent the last decades insulting Islam and its followers.

They can be proud of the result of their propaganda of demonizing and dehumanizing Muslims, which facilitated the passage to the act of this monster whom they helped to intellectually form.

– Also, the political authorities who did nothing to prevent the spread of violent and extreme propaganda which is so dangerous to civil peace.

– Lastly, Muslim leaders whose passivity in the face of the stigmatization of Islamists in France, who have been victims of Islam for years, have allowed racists and Islamophobes of all kinds to push back the limits of their hate propaganda.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns this terrible catastrophe and shares the grief of the relatives of the victims to whom we offer our condolences, as well as to the entire Muslim community.

We also call on Muslims in France to stop being insulted and systematically stigmatized, to the point that this has become normal.

The time has come for the mobilization of consciences. Peaceful means exist to stop this surge of hatred against a religion and its followers: peaceful demonstrations, filing of systematic complaints against the personalities who hold hateful speeches and discriminatory, electoral sanction of any politician with Islamophobic discourse, boycott of all the companies practicing or conveying this discrimination (radios, televisions, newspapers, magazines …) …

Respect and the dignity are not obtained by begging, rather they are obtained through mobilization in a peaceful and uncompromising attitude.

Let’s not wait for a tragedy to come to make the necessary arrangements, because it seems obvious that neither the state nor anybody will come to defend this Muslim community, which is peaceful, hardworking, and greatly contributes to the wealth of our country.

The non-Muslim French lovers of justice must also join this mobilization because it is about the security of our nation.

Only through unity, not only amongst believers, but also among all women and men of good will, can we help to ease tensions and show the way to more peace, security and fraternity.

As for the sowers of hatred who dream to have the French fight amongst each other by fanning the flames of division and anger, your tricks will again turn against you, as History has shown many times.