They wanted civil war, they reaped the revolution

The world- Zionist arsonists cannot believe it; So many years spent monopolizing the word using all the major media, alerting us against the green threat, the Islamist danger, the fifth Muslim column…

So many hateful chronicle and apocalyptic analyses, predicting the coming onslaught of hordes of Islamist, women rapists and bombers, from our suburbs to establish sharia in France; all with the complicity and complacency of the media, transformed into propaganda machines worthy of the Pravda of the great era.

The good Gallic person, to whom the Judeo-Christian essence of France was hammered, was beset by this green threat: veil, secularity, and halal, right to caricature and Islamophobia, and so on. These were the new priorities of our society.

The Zionist agents sowed the seeds of division and blew on the flames of civil war in their strategy of “divide and conquer”. The Muslim was stigmatized, guilty by default, ideal scapegoat, to attention from the real problems.

But it was insulting the intelligence of the French people, the silent majority who are not asked their opinion, who are constantly despised, trying to make them take Muslim bladders for Zionist lanterns, and who understood, despite these fumbling attempts, what the problem was, and who was really responsible for this dramatic situation.

A majority that finds itself in yellow-dressed movement, loud and strong claiming and shouting angrily in the face of ruling elite completely outdated and disconnected from the realities of the country.

An incredible blindness that borders on autism, but which is hardly surprising for a dominant class living for too long in its ivory tower, unable to understand or feel the fury of an exhausted people.

A people who understood well the ins and outs of an oligarchic system which they no longer want and whose actors they perfectly identified: banks, multinationals, lobbies, as well as politicians and the media that are at their service.

A system that favors the strongest and weakens the weakest, contrary to what the people demand. They decided to overthrow the table to dismiss those who never ceased to betray and lie to them, when they were supposed to represent them.

The movement of the Yellow Vests, which many took for a fire of straw, is much deeper than that. It expresses a long exasperation against injustice on all sides, against impoverishment, the cost of living, tax gifts to the richest, the programmed disappearance of social gains, the two-speed justice, the lies of the media, and the non-representativey of the political class; in short, against the neoliberal imperial-Zionist model that they want to impose on us anyway.

No, France should not be run as a business. No, the hospital, school and university is not meant to be a profit center. No to the racket of radars and motorway tolls, no to the privatization of public services, no to neocolonial wars, no to alignment with the American-Zionist vision, no to submission to banks and debt, no to individualism, no to the Americanization of society, no to the rejection of traditional values.

This is what the Yellow Vests, and through them, the majority of the people of France express.

No one can say what this revolutionary movement will lead to, but they already have a victory to their credit, that of having unveiled the nature of this system. The king is now naked.

Democracy, freedom of expression, right to demonstrate, etc., completed. Power sounds “the end of recess” as one might have heard in an expression to infantilize a legitimate movement, and it shows itself as it really is.

A place for repression, immediate appearances and contempt for rebellious citizens dubbed “hate mobs”, anti-Semites, homophobes, extremists of the right or left, conspiracy … The litany of usual anathemas launched in the face of those who oppose this oligarchic system, of course going beyond the Hexagonal framework.

In front of them, a power taken hostage between the world of money that “elected” it, and a people who ask it for accounts. A power representing only it and a privileged class, whose only answer is vague promises and a ruthless police and judicial repression.

A power that does not lack superlatives to vilify the violence of a minority of thugs, forgetting the much more brutal, and the dominant system it embodies.

The violence of bank attrition, dismissals, social misery, class scorn and arrogance with which the small people are treated. The violence of the wars waged by our armies in the Sahel and Syria, the violence against Yemeni children with the weapons we provide to our Saudi “allies”, the violence of the massacre of Palestinians by our Israeli “friends”, and many other acts of violence, of which the journalists who are ordered, and the politicians, philosophers and other experts of the Elite, forget to speak to us, or minimize to the extreme.

Elite whose agents allow them to urge the police to use their weapons, without the risk of being condemned by the courts for “call to violence”. An elite whose journalists use fake news broadcasts relaying the state lies about the so-called weak popular mobilization or based on phony polls to minimize the support, however massive, of the public opinion towards Yellow Vests.

The masks have fallen and this power is held only by the grace of the police forces who, despite their obvious sympathy towards the demonstrators, are summoned to repress them to preserve public order. Exhausted, underpaid police officers who understand and approve the demands of the people from whom they come, and who are certainly aware of being the last bastion of a system at bay.

A people methodically raised against their fellow Muslims to distract them from the real culprits of their economic and social problems, and who today demonstrate that they were not mistaken when they shouted their hatred of banks, journalists and politicians.

A people who understood that the religion of their oppressors was neither Islam nor any other monotheistic religion, but that it was the religion of money, power, exploitation of the weak and of the law of the strongest.

The civil war will not have occurred. It is about class struggle and popular revolt, the likely premise of a coming revolution, because when the cup of injustice is full, people want to change the paradigm.

The Anti-Zionist Party rejoices at this popular awakening, which has always worked for the awakening of consciences, and has always denounced the unjust system that only benefits a minority.

The party itself suffered the wrath on the eve of the launching of this revolutionary movement, and always warned the pyromaniacs in the pay of the oligarchy that their shenanigans would turn against them. Here we are.

However, we also call on the French not to fall into the traps that this system at the end of the race will not fail to tend towards; a system that is ready for anything for its survival.

Consciousness will then be the cause of injustice, and, emerging from the darkness in which great capital has plunged us for too long, we will finally be able to set out towards a more just world, of which France would be one of the lighthouses.