The Plastic Planet

This material is so light and resistant, which the French discovered in the 50s, obviously, it was put forward to solve many problems that humanity would face in its race for progress.

Since its creation, plastic has been sold as being fantastic!


How can it be described as fantastic? Certainly, the following figures and data concerning this miracle material say otherwise:

– 10 tons are produced every second.

– 1 ton ends up in the ocean every 2 seconds.

– The appearance and growth of a seventh continent entirely composed of plastic having an area equivalent to three times that of France.

– In 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Considering this information, it is clear that our Earth is suffocating, and that this excess of plastic is to the planet as cancer is to man.

Furthermore, there is an aspect of plastic that affects us greatly ,and we can no longer ignor; This substance is dangerous to our health and that of our children, because the pollution that plastic generates is far from being simply a visual problem or local pollution, it pollutes our soil, our seas and even our air, and this is on a global scale…

As we know, plastic takes a long time to degrade and all the plastics industries are trying to implement so-called “recyclable” manufacturing. This term could relieve our conscience but in reality, we must know that plastic is not indefinitely recyclable…

Depending on the type of plastic, it can only be recycled a limited number of times and it should be noted that the percentage of recycled plastic present in a conventional bottle is 7% on average. It is not surprising to know that the giants in the plastics production sector are at the base of these major recycling centers.

They claim their aim is to increase the amount of recycled plastic in our daily packaging, but what does it take to achieve this goal? We must always make more plastic…

In recent years, we can even see a new phenomenon with the “biodegradable” plastic… all this is purely a screen, because even if the plastic is degraded, it does not disappear: the plastic, at that moment, becomes invisible to the naked eye and it is where it is perhaps the most dangerous. Invisible plastic is very harmful for humans because it slowly but surely poisons us…

The other name of the invisible plastic, which is only a set of chemicals, is “persistent organic pollutant”, it has the ability to persist in the environment especially in organisms. When we have too much organic pollutants in our body, it can have a direct impact on us and on our children, causing physical or intellectual malformations!

This story of plastic is unfortunately not over … because we have been able to note that the giants of the sector use the classic practice of the accusatory inversion in regard to the responsibility of those who concocted this planetary waste!

The multinationals who say they fight this degradation of our planet are the source of the problem, by manufacturing and distributing all this plastic around the world in astronomical quantities and of course they earn billions of dollars with this business which is done to the detriment of our as well as our planet’s health.

Large plastics manufacturers such as Coca-Cola or DANONE, for example, even have the audacity to say that the consumer is responsible even though he is completely submerged in plastic and suffers due to the world that these companies impose on him.

Some associations that want to make consumers feel guilty, use advertising campaigns which use slanderous propaganda such as putting responsibility on those they call “throwers”. Of course, it will not surprise you if you were told that the plastic giants such as Haribo or Nestle fund these associations.

Fortunately, there are certain citizen movements that are engaged against this plastic frenzy, denouncing the lobbies of this industry, and working to awaken consciences and to reveal the truth…

The Anti-Zionist Party is part of this citizen momentum and, first of all, wishes to condemn this global lie which is commonly accepted and of which our elites are accomplices.

This environmental Zionism is eating away our planet and greatly hurts our well-being, both physiologically and physically.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on all men of good will to testify, warn, and denounce these subjects, which are put in the background by our traditional media, whereas they are central for the present of all and especially for the future of each one of us…