The “Neo-Nazi” Ukraine Allied with Zionism!

detective-prive-israelien-ukraineAccording to information released by the western media on Sunday, April 30, Israeli detectives are preparing to assist the Ukrainian government in investigations which focus on the country’s politics and economy. Other foreign experts have already joined the research on corruption in the former Soviet republics.


Indeed, the French Media Intelligence Online (a professional publication on the intelligence community and economic intelligence firms, in Europe, United States …) announced that one of the most famous Israeli detectives, Moshe Boller, is preparing to set up an office for his “International Investigation Agency” company in Kiev. This company specializes in the investigations of stolen goods, money laundering, and cybercrimes. It should be noted that Moshe Boller also worked with the Israeli Secret Service of Shin Beth. In addition, the International Investigation Agency also has two other offices, one in Zurich and the other in Tel Aviv, where detectives of different nationalities are employed.


“Using foreign detectives is a practice that has been used for a long time in the policies of the former Soviet republics,” the French media added. Recall that in the 1990’s, there had been American detectives from the Kroll agency recruited to investigate corruption in Russia.


Moshe Boller is well known in the Ukrainian politico-economic system. It was in 2011 that the former Ukrainian President, Victor Ianukovich, had solicited the services of the latter, in order to investigate corruption in Loulia Tymoshenko’s government She was detained and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for abuse of power under gas contracts signed between Ukraine and Russia in 2009.


She was liberated during the February 2014 revolution, and then rehabilitated by the Ukrainian Supreme Court and the European Human Rights Court. A Candidate in the May 2014 presidential election, she was beaten by Petro Poroshenko, who lead a coalition of extreme right-wing neo-Nazi parties.


Oddly enough, this does not seem to be a problem for Israel, who will be receiving an official visit from Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in May 2017. In a recent telephone exchange (May 2017), Petro Poroshenko warmly welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu who was invited to the Ukraine in “a mutual willingness to intensify bilateral cooperation in various fields”, according to the Ukrainian Interfax site.


These relations between Neo-Nazism and Zionism may seem odd, but this alliance, which is not new, has a highly geopolitical scope. Indeed, in 2014, in an attempt to prohibit US funding to any neo-Nazi group by an amendment to the US Defense Budget Act (NDAA), the initiators of this amendment were reprimanded by the two biggest American Zionist pressure groups (ADL, Wiesenthal Center). With these groups, the originators believed to have found unfailing support since they were supposed to fight anti-Semitism, “the most important was to counter Russia … “It seems that President Trump aims at the same goal since he has just granted $560 million of financial aid to the Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian embassy in the USA.


The Anti-Zionist Party is concerned about this Israeli-American-Ukrainian promiscuity because it is far from trivial.

Indeed, you don’t have to be an expert to understand that the Israeli criminal Zionist entity and the United States, in coaxing with a neo-Nazi inspired regime, have an idea in mind: Ukraine fighting Russia?

The future will tell…