The low hand of Zionism in Brazil


Davi Alcolumbre, a 41-year-old senator, became the president of the Brazilian Senate on Saturday evening, February 2nd. He was supported by Brazilian Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, son of the current Brazilian president.

Yossi Shelley, Israel’s ambassador to Brazil, hastened, via social media, to congratulate him: “We are very proud to have a wonderful Jew and friend of Israel as the Speaker of this Legislative Chamber. In the name of the people and the government of Israel, I wish you Hatzlacha and Mazal Tov “.

The Israeli Honorary Consul in Rio, Osias Wurman told JTA (“Jewish telegraphic agency”): “Alcolumbre is a traditional partner of Jewish Zionist causes in the national congress. We have now, for the first time in history, a 100% Jewish president in the Senate. “

Since the “coup d’état” that ousted Dilma Rousseff from the presidency in favor of Michel Terner, Brazil has continued to sink into the Zionist fold, culminating in the election of Bolsonaro.

All this does not bode well for Brazil and could explain the recent events in Venezuela.

Indeed, the Brazilians could in spite of themselves be dragged into a war of aggression against their neighbor.

The Zionists finally having control of Brazil, could, with Colombia and the United States, launch a war to try to definitively get rid of Maduro, the anti-imperialist Venezuelan president.

General Mourao, Vice President of Brazil has already said: “The next peace operation of Brazil will take place in Venezuela. We will free our Venezuelan brothers from hunger and socialism. We will give a lesson to the “narcodictator” of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro ” 

The Anti-Zionist Party hopes that the Brazilians will not accept such a project and that they will put an end to Zionism, which is plaguing their country.

It also hopes that our government will not, once again, be complicit in a war that will only benefit the American-Zionist Empire.