Saudi Grand Mufti, Abdelaziz al-Sheikh, Launches New Fatwa

On Monday, November 12, the Saudi monarchy’s grand mufti, Abdelaziz al-Sheikh, delighted the Israeli Zionist government in Tel Aviv by proclaiming a fatwa (Islamic law) prohibiting the killing of Jews and demonstrating against Israel in Al-Aqsa.


This earned him the thanks of the Israeli Minister of Communication, Ayoub Kara, who invited him to come to “Israel” via his twitter account.


Ayoub Kara continues his praise to the mufti:


“I congratulate the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdelaziz al-Sheikh and thank him for the fatwa he made against the war against the Jews and the demonstrations in Al-Aqsa which he described as contrary to religious practices. It is possible to ally with the Israeli army to totally eradicate Hezbollah, which is a terrorist organization. I invite the mufti to visit Israel where he will be welcomed with honors “.


This is not Mufti Abdelaziz al-Sheikh’s first fatwa in favor of the illegitimate state of Israel. Indeed, in July 2017 on a local radio, he sought the assistance of all Muslims to ally with Israel to fight Hamas and Hezbollah. For the mufti, it is allowed for Muslims to seek help from Israel to fight Hamas, which is, for him, only a “terrorist organization“, and he called, at the same time, “ all Muslims who demonstrate against the latest violence committed by the Israeli army on the esplanade of the mosques, to stop their unnecessary and counter-productive heckling operation”.


The Zionist entity of Israel and Saudi Arabia have long enjoyed good diplomatic relations, which have been greatly strengthened since Iran came to power in the region. It is in the framework of the UN Commission on Human Rights that the Zionist entity of Israel and Saudi Arabia have come together to vote for a “resolution that would condemn the Syrian regime for its violations; human rights violations and, in particular, the massacres of civilians perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad’s army “.


Riyad Malki, head of the Palestinian Authority in charge of foreign affairs addressed, on Tuesday November 13th, the AP Wafa news agency stating:


“A normalization of relations with Israel cannot be conceived by Saudi Arabia until a peace agreement between Israel and the PA is reached. Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz has made it clear to Abbas during their meeting in Riyadh last week. But the threat posed by Iran to its neighbors in the Middle East may well lead to alliances previously thought unattainable with Israel … “.


For the Anti-Zionist Party:


– First: this mufti in no way represents all the Muslims, he represents only his sect of Wahhabi-Salafi-Zionists!


– Second: under what grounds (surely not divine) does this mufti allow himself to give fatwas with such arrogance?


We call attention to this kind of request that only leads to the hatred and confusion between Judaism, which is a monotheistic, authentic religion, and Zionism, which is an extremist, fascist ideology of the nineteenth century.


Zionism has no respect for the Palestinians who are only trying to survive (which is their basic right) under these executioners!


Muslims must not submit to Zionism. On the contrary, they must denounce it with all of their strength!