Russia warns against foreign interference in Algeria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (D) next to his Algerian counterpart Ramtane Lamamra in Moscow on March 19, 2019. © Pinterest

After the revelations of certain sources of information evoking the trail of Israeli-American agents in the latest unrest in Algeria, the boss of Russian diplomacy now denounces a possible conspiracy on the security of this strategic country in the north of Africa. In this context, Lavrov calls on Algerian citizens to decide their own fate, to stop any attempt to destabilize their country.

On Tuesday, March 19, the head of the Russian diplomacy warned against possible attempts to inflame the situation in Algeria.

During a meeting with his Algerian counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Russia was worried about the protests in Algeria and that these attempts were intended to destabilize the country in North Africa.

“Many countries are currently suffering interference from foreign countries in their internal affairs,” Lavrov said, adding:

“Our countries have their adherence to the principles of peaceful settlement of conflicts and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States in common. They seek to ensure the stability and balance of interests in international affairs while preserving the principal role of the United Nations, in accordance with the norms and principles of international law, including the right of people to self-determination without external interference. “

Lavrov also praised Algeria’s efforts to address the crises in Libya and Mali, and said:

“Russia and Algeria play a leading role in maintaining security in North Africa. They agreed on the formation of a joint high-level group to coordinate the foreign policy of the two countries. “

On March 11, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Binaa warned against actions aimed at diverting peaceful protests in Algeria, denouncing the bad intentions of some countries. The newspaper did not rule out the involvement of Israel and the United States in the latest unrest in Algeria. Barely a week later, The Washington Post had explicitly encouraged Algerians to remain on the streets and thus stir up chaos in the country.

The Algerian Foreign Minister arrived in Moscow on Tuesday and delivered a written message from Bouteflika to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika is facing a wave of discontent and demonstrations calling on him to resign, especially after he announced his willingness to run for the presidential election again.

Although the Algerian president has soon given up a fifth term as head of his country, the demonstrations are not fading.

On Monday evening, President Bouteflika addressed his compatriots in these terms:

“I decided to make some important changes in government in the near future. [In addition], the inclusive and independent National Conference will be an assembly with all the powers necessary for the discussion, development and adoption of all types of reforms to form the foundation of the new system that will lead to the transformation process of our nation-state. “

“The Constitution draft that will emanate from the Conference will be submitted to a popular referendum. The Independent National Conference will set the date of the presidential election, which I will not be a candidate for, anyway, “he said.