Raqqa: French soldiers were killed

In France, where the media is obviously told to misinform instead of inform, nobody talks about it, and yet the information is very reliable.

Syrian military sources reported a sharp explosion in the intelligence HQ of the French forces in Raqqa.


French Special Forces were reportedly killed or wounded.

According to Sputnik, this was a motorcycle bomb that exploded in the intelligence and surveillance cell of the French forces in Raqqa; a town which, a few days ago, witnessed American and anti-French demonstration during which the inhabitants burned the flags of the two countries, demanding the withdrawal of “foreign occupation forces” from their city as well as from all of Syria.

According to Sputnik, “no one has been able to penetrate the explosion site so far and more information on the level of damage caused by the explosion is still unclear.”

Fire trucks and ambulances were seen at the scene of the blast where US coalition forces immediately set up a security perimeter, Sputnik adds.

The sugar factory that houses the headquarters of the French forces in Raqqa is located on the Raqqa/Hassaka road in northern Raqqa. The blast came as Syrian sources reported Monday that the US military had fled the town of Tabqa in the southwestern suburbs of the Raqqa governorate after the city’s residents burned the American flag.

According to Sputnik, a military row of 30 vehicles headed from Tabqa to the capital of Raqqa province. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by the United States, cut power to communities and villages in the western suburbs of Raqqa during the withdrawal of US troops. These sources add that the majority of American forces have withdrawn from Tabqa and that only a spy unit would remain in a school south of the city, with the mission of scrambling Syrian communication systems and disrupting their operation.

Syrian residents of Raqqa province demonstrated Saturday (February 9) to, once again demand the withdrawal of US and French forces from Syria and the end of foreign interference in their country.

On the video images broadcast on this topic on social networks, we see protesters calling for the end of the US occupation and the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Syria. The participants in this demonstration burned the American and French flags in protest against the occupation of their country. They also chanted slogans against the occupation forces.

Do Americans use French forces as a shield?

Anything is possible, say analysts who also underline the direct involvement of the French Rafale in strikes that have targeted the localities of Deir ez-Zor for the past few days. SANA reported Saturday French air strikes against strategic Abu Kamal town on the border with Iraq.