Statement: Eid al-Adha

On the occasion of Eid al Adha, the Anti-Zionist Party and Center Zahra France join together to send all Muslims, from France and everywhere, their best wishes.

We wish for unity, spirituality and bliss to all faithful believers on this blessed day of the holy month of Dhul-Hijjah, which crowns the good work of the pilgrimage and perpetuates the tradition of Abraham (pbuh), father of the three monotheistic religions.

Sacred religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are today taken hostage and insulted by supporters of ideologies that are antipodes of their values: Wahhabism, Zionism and imperialism.

Carried out by the evil alliance of the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, these barbaric ideologies, which are in fact the same, allow criminal states, based on murder, theft and oppression, to set the planet on fire and shed innocent blood.

While this year, during the sermon of Arafat day in Mecca, the sheikh in charge of the speech had the indecency to associate millions of pilgrims with his invocations and praises in favor of the Saudi Crown Prince, the war criminal Mohamed bin Salman, the Anti-Zionist Party on the contrary calls all Muslims to rise against the evil regime of Al-Saud.

A regime with medieval practices that is guilty of genocide against the martyred people of Yemen and an unwavering ally of the Israeli Zionist criminal entity and the US imperialist godfather.

We pray for Islamic unity and the oppressed in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Pakistan, Kashmir, Burma and all the regions of the world subject to injustice and oppression, and ask God to associate us with the inevitable victory he promised, over the forces of world arrogance and their satanic ideologies- international Zionism.