Report: Inauguration of Bachir Gouasmi College

On Monday, November 19, the Algerian Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghabrit, while visiting the wilaya of Annaba went to the new town of Draâ Erriche, where she inaugurated a college bearing the name of the Martyr Bachir Gouasmi, brother of the Anti-Zionist Party president, Yahia Gouasmi.


This early nationalist activist was a victim of colonialism at the age of 24 in March 1962; a few months before the Algerian independence.

Born in January 10, 1938 in the municipality of Sidi Bel Abbes, in the western part of the country, Bachir Gouasmi, like his older brothers Abdelkader and Abbas, committed himself, at an early age, to the separatist cause. After embracing the armed struggle at the age of 18, the one who his brothers in arms call “Dahou” was arrested by the colonial army. He managed to escape and join the maquis, where he was assassinated by French soldiers during a violent clash a few days before the cease-fire, which came into force on March 19, 1962.

The Anti-Zionist Party, its president Yahia Gouasmi, as well as the family of the martyr Bachir Gouasmi, warmly thank the Algerian authorities for the tribute paid to this freedom fighter, by baptizing this college and naming it after their martyred brother.

On this occasion, our special thoughts go to all the defenders of justice who have risen up against oppression in the world, and who continue to stand up against injustice risking their lives and freedom.