News Bulletin: Police Intervention at Zahra Center

Since 06:00 this morning, there has been a large police presence in the city of Grande-Synthe (North Department) as part of an anti-terrorist operation targeting not only the premises of our Center Zahra France, but also that of the Anti- Zionist Party.

More than 200 police officers (including those of the Research and Intervention Brigade) conducted searches at the headquarters of our association as well as in our homes.

According to the northern police prefecture, our activities would be “followed in particular because of the strong support for the leaders of several terrorist organizations and for movements advocating ideas contrary to the values ​​of the republic”.

According to them, our center “is one of the main mediums for the diffusion of Shiite radical Islam on a European scale”.

For our part, we would like a little more clarification on the nature of the charges against us, as well as on the nonsense we are accused of.

Could we know which “terrorist organizations” are being referred to?

What values ​​do we advocate that would be “contrary to those of the republic”?

We would like to point out that the Center Zahra France and the Anti- Zionist Party have always worked with utmost transparency. All our actions, statements and what we denounce appear on our websites and on all our communication platforms.

“Our house is made of glass” and we have nothing to hide.

It goes without saying that what we are criticized for is our constant struggle against Zionism and Wahhabism, as well as our permanent denunciation of their evil deeds and evil designs, such as the NEOM project.

As evidenced by the fact that it is surprising to note that the first media to have disseminated this information, just minutes before the police intervention, was the Israeli channel I24.

It goes without saying that behind this operation lays the hand of Zionism, which seems to have required the French authorities to act against our association, which everyone knows, is unquestionably innocent of the accusations against it.

The Center Zahra France and the Anti- Zionist Party strongly condemn this shameful operation aimed at discrediting us in the eyes of public opinion and attempting to intimidate its members and sympathizers.

We have a clear conscience because we are in full compliance with the laws of our country. We welcome this situation with the serenity of those who have nothing to feel about and we remain firm on our positions and principles no matter what the Zionists scheme.