Neom Project: Political and Economic Panic!

While journalists analyze the high- profile police operation recently inflicted on the Center Zahra France and its members, they report that it was due to sudden pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The center was falsely suspected of wanting to create disorder in France. The reasons for these searches are worthy of a Hollywood movie.

For some, it is a desire for the US-Wahhabi-Zionist alliance to compel President Macron to take France out of the nuclear treaty signed with Iran, by arranging to deteriorate the relations between Iran and France via pseudo-projects of attacks on our soil.

It is no secret that, until now, our head of state has always opposed France’s exit from the treaty, particularly because of the economic trade interest that our companies have with Iran.

Threats of US sanctions have forced several French groups such as Renault, Peugeot and Total, to give up several billion euros in contracts with Tehran; a terrible loss of revenue for France and its citizens, despite the economic crisis.

If our president imagined that the interests of the French were put before those of this evil alliance, he was certainly fooling himself. Moreover, the political misadventures of which has been a victim of lately are certainly related to his refusal to passively obey those who thought to make him their submissive puppet.

But there is one more reason why no one dares speak up; it is related to the famous NEOM project, and the possible investments that France wishes to make there.

Indeed, this pharaonic project. A $500 billion futuristic city which is on the edge of the Red Sea on a high point in the Saudi territory; the “vision 2030” plan launched by the Wahhabi monarchy arouses much greed amongst Western companies that unquestionably want to participate. Of course, for our companies, it is unthinkable that they would not be involved.

We remember that during his recent Western tour last spring, the crown prince and war criminal Mohammad Bin Salman had come to encourage Western companies to invest in the country and support the NEOM project.

He then signed trade agreements between French and Saudi companies for an amount approaching $18 billion with President Macron.

France is thus very well placed within the framework of this project, and many French companies are positioned to invest in many different fields including tourism (French hotel group Accor Hotels), energy (Total), water biotechnology, food, digital, entertainment, and even the farming field.

We learned that the archaeological excavation site of the Saudi site of Mada’in Saleh, in the region of al-Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been entrusted to France as part of the 2030 Vision plan.

The Saudis now seem lukewarm with regards to French participation in this project. Is this to pressure France?

“There are many projects and opportunities, but the French companies must also agree to take risks with us,” said a Saudi diplomat who didn’t understand Paris’ willingness to save the Iranian nuclear agreement at any cost.

But what does the Zahra center France and the Anti-Zionist Party have to do in all of this?

Millions of Internet users around the world, having seen our videos, read our articles and followed our conferences about NEOM, will understand very well what this is about.

The Saudi regime, as well as its Atlantic- Zionist allies, who are involved in this project also know exactly what this is about.

Indeed, as you know, for many months, we have been denouncing this NEOM project, whose stakes, both apparent and hidden, have been explained. This has put major interests at risk from both an economic and an eschatological stand point.

Given our growing audience and the enthusiasm generated by our work on this topic around the world, it was certain that there would be an eminent response against us from the promoters of this project. The latter, who prefer to remain in the shadows in their usual role of puppeteers, have certainly not appreciated the fact that the Zahra center France and the Anti-Zionist Party is unveiling their evil intentions in broad daylight.

The French authorities have certainly been under pressure to “take action” which explains their high-profile intervention; a way to meet the Wahhabi-Zionist demands and try to preserve the great contracts which the Al -Saud are giving them on the NEOM project.

In reality, our supposed links with Iran are nothing but smoke cast into the eyes of a gullible public opinion by amateur journalists who are largely overwhelmed by the stakes and the real reason of all this media circus: the NEOM project.