Communiqué: Iran’s Islamic Revolution, 40 Years of Resistance

Iran is celebrating today, the 11th of February, the fortieth anniversary of the “Islamic Revolution” which marked the history of the 20th century of overthrowing one of the most dictatorial regimes of the time which was supported by the imperialist Western powers.

A victory that upset the regional equilibrium of American-Zionist interests and proposed a model of governance like no other.

It is now 40 years since the Islamic Republic resisted the imperialism of “US/ISRAEL”, and has been tirelessly fighting to preserve its sovereignty and independence.

40 years of embargos that have allowed it to develop a near-autonomy and made it an unavoidable power on the regional, even international, scene despite the fierce economic war that the US-Zionist “Empire” is leading against it.

Today, the Islamic Republic has become a nation to be reckoned with on the military, technological and geopolitical level. It is an example for all countries wishing to free themselves from the yoke of imperialism and regain their complete sovereignty. A sovereignty for which Iran had to pay a high price.

This Revolution remains alive and current more than ever for the Iranians as well as for the millions of oppressed people around the world.

The enthusiasm of the people of Iran to celebrate this event sends a strong message against the “global arrogance” led by “US/ISRAEL”, which seeks to break the “resistance” at all costs. Love for the Islamic Revolution is still alive, pushing millions of Iranians to take action to defend the sacred and universal values imparted by Imam Khomeini.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the victory of this revolution, the Anti-Zionist Party and the Center Zahra France present their best wishes to the Leader of the Islamic Republic, Syed Ali Khamenei, as well as to all the guardians of this Revolution, and to all the people of Iran.

A grandiose revolution that continues to demonstrate to us day after day that the fight against injustice always ends up triumphing, as long as we are patient, awake and persistent.

Our anti-Zionist struggle is always on this line, so that together, in a renewed unity, we can meet the challenge of restoring humanity to all its dignity and, to man, the place he deserves in a world steeped in values, love and justice.