Bulletin: Vows of the Anti-Zionist Party

On this New Year, the Anti-Zionist Party would like to present its best wishes to all its members, its supporters, as well as to all men of good will, wishing to build a better world, free from all injustices, especially those of Zionism and Wahhabism and their supporters.

Our thoughts go first to all the disinherited of this earth, to the oppressed, as well as to the victims of the arrogant politics of the system of world domination.

From Palestine to Yemen, Syria to Iraq, Asia, Africa and America, and even here in Europe, the number of those oppressed continues to grow.

The coming year does not bode well: our politicians, ever more subject to special interests, influence groups and lobbies to the detriment of the general interest and the aspirations of the people. They do not stop betraying their commitments and have entered into an endless spiral bringing our countries to the brink of collapse.

As you can see, the year 2018 has witnessed many more disturbing events:

– The transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Indeed, Washington and President Trump now consider the latter as the capital of the Zionist entity, going against the UN and international law.

– The intensification of points of tension throughout the world; between the United States and China, between US / NATO and Russia, in the Middle East with the wars waged by the US-Wahhabi-Zionist axis and their mercenaries of “Daesh” in Yemen, Syria, Iraq … and many more.

– The implementation of the NEOM project with all the challenges that accompany it in technological, geopolitical, and eschatological terms.

– Regarding France, we found, to our great sadness, the establishment of a police state to the detriment of the rule of law that was the pride of the French and was the symbol of our country around the world. We are gradually falling into a dangerous authoritarianism; the introduction of new liberticidal laws, the taking over of justice by the executive power, and an all-out repression against opponents of all kinds, as members of the Zahra Centre France and the Anti-Zionist Party were able to observe on October 2nd when they were searched and when their prayer room was closed.

– Finally, the year ended with the popular revolt of the “Yellow Vests” whose anger ignited not only France, but also part of Europe, and went against the misunderstanding of a politico-media ruling elite totally cut off from its people and a foreign reality.

Thus, the year 2019 looks very dark and does not bode well. Despite this, the Anti-Zionist Party remains hopeful and calls for patience and endurance in the face of the many challenges ahead.

We therefore call on all good people to multiply their efforts allowing the unity and the awakening of the consciences, through better communication and wider diffusion.

More than ever, we must continue to “alert, denounce and testify”.