Bulletin: Normalization with Israel is against Islam

The establishment of relations with the Zionist entity is forbidden and contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Sheikh Muhammad Hassan Akhtari, Secretary-General of the Ahl el Bayyt World Assembly, emphasized the role of the Union of Muslim Scholars in achieving Islamic unity and considered the victories of the Axis of Resistance in Iraq and Syria as a true model of this unity.

He added that, unfortunately, some Islamic countries were trying to forget the Palestinian question and the crimes of the Zionist entity: “in this way, you are working to establish relations with this entity”.

He stressed the need to eradicate the roots of corruption represented by the Zionist entity with the help of Islamic countries. For him, the support, the sale of arms and the sale of oil to this entity and the establishment of relations with it, whether political or commercial, are prohibited and contrary to the teachings of Islam.

He added that scholars of Muslim countries must, through the publication of fatwas, declare the strict prohibition of establishing relations with the Zionist occupying entity.

He mentioned the events in Yemen and said that the Islamic nation today has a lot of potential and energy. According to him, scholars of the Muslim world should urge their people to be more humane and revive the fundamental values ​​of Islam, pushing them to support the oppressed people of Yemen and Palestine.

Sheikh Akhtari confirmed that the active participation of scholars and religious intellectuals in rallies and demonstrations in the Islamic world is the best concrete action to face the Zionist entity and the criminal usurpers of the Al-Saud regime.