News Release: Tariq Ramadan Released

Yesterday, Thursday November 15, the Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan, indicted for rapes he contests, claimed his innocence before the Paris Court of Appeal, responsible for ruling on his release.

After 9 months in prison and the rejection of four applications for release on probation, the court finally granted the request issued by the defense of the Swiss Islamic figure ordering his release under judicial supervision, said his lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigny to the France-Presse Agency (AFP).

“It’s a logical decision as the latest developments in the case against him were misleading. There were no more obstacles to his release,” said the latter after the public hearing.

The release of Tariq Ramadan is subject to the payment of a 300,000 euros deposit, while he must also surrender his Swiss passport, will be prohibited from leaving the territory, to get in touch with the complainants and some witnesses and to come once a week to the police station.

Charged with suspicion of raping two women, Tariq Ramadan claimed his innocence in his first public appearance since his incarceration on Thursday. “Where would I go when my innocence is being accused? I will stay in France and defend my honor and my innocence,” he said, adding” I want to be reproached for lying to protect my family, my daughter who is in the room. But who lied the most? Who exploited the #MeToo movement? Accusing her accusers of spreading things in the media.

After months of denying any physical relationship with the two women, the Islamic figure eventually admitted to having “lied” but denied any rape.

The public prosecutor’s office which had requested the rejection of the application was therefore unsuccessful. This decision of the investigating chamber comes as the confrontations between Tariq Ramadan and his two main complainants have already taken place, thus making the argument of the risk of pressure less solid.

Moreover, according to his lawyer, Mr. Marsigny, the recent SMS files on file would support the hypothesis that Tariq Ramadan has maintained relations with the two complainants. “The release of Tariq Ramadan is logical in light of the latest developments in the case in which the accusations of rape collapse,” said Marsigny.

The Anti-Zionist Party welcomes this decision which shows that the president of the court of appeal refused to give in to intense pressure from the Islamaphobic Zionist lobby, which, through its agents of influence and its media, carried out a vast operation to demonize the Muslim intellectual, making him pay for his anti-Zionist positions.

Justice has finally taken over. Remember that never in France has such a procedure taken place on a litigant in the same investigation framework.

A case whose instructions were constantly violated and unpacked in the media against Tariq Ramadan. A media which has tirelessly worked against the supposedly innocent Islamic figure, while other figures accused of similar crimes and who are free to move around have benefited from media silence. Or even some who still have the strong support of journalists and intellectuals of influence, and even several politicians who continue to be received with kindness on television and radio and appear peaceful with all smiles while they are accused of rape or the misappropriation of funds.

The Anti-Zionist Party sees in this decision a cause for hope in the integrity of our justice system which has remained within the framework of the law beyond all political and media influences.

All our fraternal thoughts and solidarity go to Tariq Ramadan and his family, who we hope will clear his scorned honor soon, and restore the truth about his innocence.