Negev: the largest forced displacement of Palestinians

After forcibly occupying their country, destroying their homes, stealing their land, orphaning so many children under the complicit gaze of the arrogants of this world, withiout being punished or even worried about their crimes, how could it be different  when we learn that this illegitimate state of Israel is planning to forcibly expel not less than 36 thousand Palestinians from their villages.

Indeed, according to Israeli source, a new plan was concocted with the aim of “forcefully dislodging” thousands of Bedouin Palestinians in Negev. The plan will be put into play this year and last 4 years.

Uri Ariel, Israeli Minister of Agriculture, drew up a plan for the exodus of 36,000 Palestinians who remain in the villages of the Negev Desert, located south of the occupied territories of 1948, to send them to regions selected by the Zionist entity.

In short, there are 48 villages that will be affected and whose inhabitants will be expelled.

For “Israel” their presence in the Negev has been considered illegal since the 1948 war, allowing Israel’s Zionist regime to occupy the region with impunity. For 10 years, these Israeli Zionist executioners deprived the Palestinians of water and electricity, reducing them to utter distress.

Palestinians will be dispossessed of 260 square kilometers of land belonging to them, to be added to the land usurped by the illegitimate state of Israel to the detriment of the Bedouin people.

The Planning and Development Commission for Settlements in the Negev is expected to approve the forced eviction of Bedouin Palestinians, reported the Israel Hayom newspaper.

According to Uri Ariel’s plan, the Israel Street, named Street No. 6, will be built and 5,000 Palestinians will be moved to the villages of Tel el-Saba, Abu Tloul and Umm Batin. Five thousand more will settle in the villages of Abu Qarinat and Wadi al-Naam.

Tel Aviv said it wants to build a power plant in the liberated areas. It also provides for the construction of a phosphate mine that will require the displacement of 11 thousand Bedouins. The village of Tel Arad will also be evacuated as it is located in an Israeli military zone.

The Bedouin Camp Project Manager told Israel Hayom that, supposedly, 60,000 homes had been built so that the displaced could enjoy all the comfort enjoyed by the Israelis. However, for the Palestinians concerned by this project, they completely refute the new predispositions of the Israeli Zionist regime.

Strongly condemning the forcible expulsion of Palestinians, Talab Abou Arar, deputy of the Palestinian Parliament, said that “this project was that of extremists on the right of Israel and was part of Uri Ariel’s presidential campaign.” Mr. Talab Abu Arar, asks “the Palestinians to take part in a large rally in the coming days.” 

When will the suffering of the Palestinians stop?

When will man become aware?

When will Palestine be liberated?

What is certain is that sooner or later, it will be necessary to judge and there will the price paid will be very heavy.

We, the Anti-Zionist Party, make a solemn appeal to all the men of this planet so that each one of them becomes aware that his silence in the face of crimes committed in complete freedom makes them complicit and guilty because the sentence says: “Whoever is silent before an injustice is a deaf demon.”

We alert, denounce and testify to all the infamous injustices committed by the Zionist entity of Israel with impunity and it is time for it to stop! It is time for these criminals to be tried and jailed for their crimes so that the Palestinian people can return to their country, their serenity and the peace that the Zionist entity has so violently wrested from them.

We fully support these people oppressed by this devastating Zionist ideology.