Message from a User to Yahia Gouasmi

Pedophiles; Sodom and Gomorrah in Control

Salam Sayyed Yahia

Five years ago when legalizing same-sex marriage, you made a video called “The Return of Lot’s People” and you said that you were thinking of calling on Muslims to leave France because it has become a damned place.

So, what about the legalization of pedophilia now? and the compulsory education of gender + sexuality from kindergarten … will we agree to that too ???

Don’t you think that with this abomination the children are in the eye of the hurricane and that because of this there is an urgent religious obligation to leave these places where the parents do not have any legal instrument to defend their children, and where pedophiles are now in total impunity.

I was surprised that in your last video you only superficially addressed this serious subject. Do you think that due to previous experiences of demonstrations for more JRE (young restorers of Europe) which showed that only a few minorities were interested in change and that the overwhelming majority of people were not that you cannot change these satanic laws? Don’t you think it is urgent to appeal to the believers to save their souls as well as their families by going anywhere that doesn’t have a dictatorship of the people of Lot? Believers now are risking the rape of their children while waiting for a hypothetical substantial mobilization of people that would make it possible to force this LGBT dictator to backtrack.

Believers in the West are at a critical moment in history; Satan’s dictatorship party is now

in place. They have an extreme emergency which is to save their children. Everything is in place to format them at school to expand the LGBT “demographics” that will become the majority in a short period time; thanks to the school that will produce hordes of new LGBT followers. Can you turn the tide and with which legal instruments would you achieve this and save the children and believers? Except for going into a direct confrontation with them through which you will be defeated. Is this not more extreme an emergency than NEOM project?

Kind Regards my brother,