MBS prepares to meet Netanyahu

According to several serious sources, both Saudi and Israeli, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is planning to hold a historic summit with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, during which US President Trump will play the role of host.

The information begins to make a merry way and one seems to head to a remake of the Camp David meeting of 1978, with MBS in the covenant of Sadat.

Anwar el Sadat, the Egyptian president at the time, shook hands with former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at a meeting hosted by US President Jimmy Carter in his Camp David residence. This meeting led Egypt to become the first Arab state to recognize Israel and to sign a peace treaty with the criminal Zionist entity.

A summit that Arab Islamic public opinion had considered as a major betrayal for the Palestinian cause that led to the assassination of President Sadat in 1981.

After the brutal murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi who horrified those who did not yet know what the Saudi regime was capable of, Bin Salman wants to appear as a peacemaker in the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to improve his image.

The idea of ​​meeting with the Israeli leader has been in the air for some time. The Israelis and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and envoy to the Middle East, “had mentioned it before the journalist’s assassination,” a Saudi source told the Middle East Eye website.

A Washington-based analyst specializing in Middle East policy under the Obama administration also confirmed that he had heard of a proposal for a “historic” meeting between MBS and Netanyahu.

On the Saudi side, a working group has been set up for this purpose. It includes Saudi intelligence, military, media, foreign affairs and political advisers. This group is divided between those who express concern about the consequences of this summit on the Arab and Muslim world, and those who are much more enthusiastic.

For the moment, it seems that supporters of one meeting outweigh the others, arguing that there is no real reaction from Arab public opinion after recent visits by Netanyahu and Israeli ministers and athletes in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar. The group also thinks they can control the reaction within the kingdom by using religious authorities to justify it.

“MBS is excited about this idea. He comes from a new generation and does not feel the weight of history on his shoulders. He has demonstrated it many times. He has no particular sympathy for the Palestinian cause, “said the Saudi source. We remember his statements in favor of “the right of Israel to have a nation”, and his secret meeting with Netanyahu in Amman, Jordan, just a few months ago.

On the Israeli side, it is clear that Netanyahu is eager to meet his colt and the one that the infanticide Zionist regime designates as its “chosen” one, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The Israeli news channel Hadashot reported that the prime minister was seeking to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia ahead of next April’s legislative elections and that Washington, along with Mossad boss Yossi Cohen, were involved in this diplomatic effort.

We are thus heading for a summit between the three war criminals Trump, Bin Salman and Netanyahu, who will officially unveil the US-Saudi-Zionist triple alliance.

An “axis of evil” that the Anti-Zionist Party continues to denounce. It has plunged the Middle East into chaos, leaving only “sand and death”, and which our leaders must absolutely dissociate from and not to be accomplices to these sowers of desolation.

As for the Muslim and Arab leaders, they must also stand out from this criminal prince, gravedigger of the Palestinian cause and slaughterer of the Yemeni people, and remove any claim to act as a representative of the Muslim people.

MBS only represents himself and the Saudi regime. His alliance with the American- Zionist forces of evil must only engage his person, and no one should be complicit in that, in which case the judgment of history will be without mercy.