Maduro launches a call to the axis of the Resistance

For the first time since the outbreak of the crisis in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro launched an appeal to the axis of the Resistance via the Al-Mayadeen TV channel.

While calling on Arab-Muslim countries to show solidarity with Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro warned that any attack on his country would not remain unanswered.

Interviewed by the Al-Mayadeen channel, the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, stressed that “Washington intends to take over the wealth of Venezuela and that the opponents are mere mercenaries who receive their paychecks from the United States.”

“I am the legal president of Venezuela, and I fulfill all of my national and international duties as the President of the Republic on the basis of the Constitution; the power of Juan Guaido is irrational and Venezuela will protect itself by force, “he said.

Maduro said he was reassured by the unity and cohesion of the Venezuelan army, saying that any attack on his country would be fought back in the Arab-Muslim world.

While Juan Guaido can count on the support of the United States, Nicolas Maduro has received the support of his Russian, Turkish, Iranian and Chinese allies.

“Venezuela is in the eye of the geopolitical cyclone of the world,” Maduro said Monday, accusing the United States of wanting to overthrow him to capture the largest oil reserves in the world.

Indeed, analysts note the intention of the United States to reproduce the war plan against Syria in Venezuela. On the basis of the conflicts in the wider Middle East, this war, analysts say, should take place step by step.

– As a first step, send weapons and pay mercenaries to organize demonstrations that will degenerate. After the fact, the mainstream press will provide unverifiable explanations of the crimes attributed to the government.

Bloody attacks would then bloody Venezuelan soil and only then will it be useful to send foreign mercenaries.

During the last war, the mercenaries that the United States sent to Iraq and Syria were at least 130,000 foreigners to which 120,000 locals were added. They are very numerous, though poorly trained and set. The Venezuelan president’s appeal from the Resistance chain through Al-Mayadeen is significant as the Venezuelan state is determined to draw inspiration from the Syrian experience.

– the Venezuelan army is Already studying the new forms of combat, which were used by the Resistance fighters in Syria.

Venezuelan military delegations must go to Syria to see for themselves how things have gone.

This is the fourth generation war tactics perfectly visible in cities like Damascus where most of the city is intact as if nothing had happened, but several neighborhoods are totally devastated. This assumes particular fighting techniques.

The war in Venezuela will not leave the axis of the Resistance indifferent, far from it, the latter will interfere if the Venezuelan state requests it.