Levothyrox Back in the News

This hormone substitute which used by more than 3 million people suffering from hypothyroidism, replaces natural Thyroxine when it is no longer secreted in sufficient quantities by the thyroid, is once again in the news…

A brief look back: in March 2017, Merck laboratories change the formula of the drug without notifying patients. Three months later, patients complained of adverse effects: hair loss, fatigue, headache, dizziness, joint and muscle pain.

Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarities and Health, told RTL that 200,000 people were affected by these adverse effects (a petition was posted online by patients) while pharmacovigilance investigators reported only 9,000 cases.

“We are facing a real health scandal affecting hundreds of thousands of people in France. Studies have shown the harmfulness of the new Levothyrox formula, but the authorities remain deaf to the suffering of people. And in France, unlike other European countries, there is no alternative to Levothyrox, “says Martine Arz, a member of a group of Breton patients, the “Levo NF Breizh”.

Today, Levothyrox is at the heart of concerns. It turns out that some passages from a document requested by Master Emmanuel Ludot, a lawyer for several patients suffering from adverse effects, were erased in the name of the new directive on business secrecy.

Interviewed by RT France, the lawyer protests that the use of the law on business secrets conceals information that patients are entitled to see.

In February 2018, the lawyer made a request to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Products (ANSM) to obtain a copy of the marketing authorization (MA) from Levothyrox.

After 6 months of waiting and a new law put in place, the document arrived incomplete.

On May 1 2012, the ANSM replaced the French Agency for the Health Security of Medicines and Health Products (Afssaps), and took over their missions, rights and obligations .

It is useful to know that 80% of this agency is financed by the fees paid by the laboratories, including those that levied for the marketing authorization of a product.

To wait six months to send such an important document is already scandalous, but to dare slaughter it to the point that it contains no useful information such as the reason for the change of the formula, the place of manufacture or even the one that manufactures the active ingredient, exceeds understanding.

How would this information undermine business secrecy?

Thus, the government and the drug agency dare to say that business secrecy takes precedence over public health, and this is surprising to no one…

It is clear that the health policy of our country is under the control of the drug lobby, an ultra-powerful lobby whose budget far exceeds that of France, and for which the health of our fellow citizens is well after commercial and economic considerations.

As for the state and the elected politicians who are supposed to protect us, we once again see which side they are on.

What do patients risk if the pharmaceutical industry is able to handle the law as it sees fit?

What will be their recourse?

The Anti-Zionist Party denounces these practices which aim to keep the population in ignorance of issues that closely affect them under the guise of new laws that only aim to protect the interests of financial groups.

This information, hidden from the public, once again proves that the commercial interests of pharmaceutical lobbies predominate over the health of French citizens.

It is once again obvious that the solution will not come from the services of the state which is supposed to protect the populations, but rather from individual action and from the awareness of the population about this reality.

Indeed, in the context of successive health scandals, each time it is the victims who have had to go to court to have their rights recognized and to inform other patients.

 As for the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Products (ANSM), it is interesting to know that it has never reported any health scandal so far …CQFD.