Israel: the next war will be the last

Israel fears Lebanese Hezbollah missiles. (Drawing)

According to Israeli TV channel 11, the next war will not be a recreation for Israel.

Israeli experts have concluded that today’s Hezbollah no longer resembles its image of the past.

“Its fighters are organized and trained and want to fight directly with our troops,” they acknowledged.

Based on various documents about the Israeli army’s inability to handle a new war with Hezbollah whose power continues to grow, observers believe that the next war will not be easy for Israeli soldiers.

The report drafted by the military complaints officer, Major-General Yitzhak Brick, about the indisposition of the Israeli army to enter a new war sparked controversy in political circles.

“Today, Israeli army overseer Yitzhak Brick has completed his controversial mission. He has published a critical report on the indisposition of the Israeli army,” Israeli TV channel 11 reported.

From Brick’s point of view, the fundamental problem facing the Israeli army is that the military structure is designed to cope with the urgent challenges, regardless of developments in the anti-Israeli fronts.

“Several years ago, decisions were made about the number of personnel in the army. The threat at the time came from Lebanon, Hezbollah, Gaza and Hamas, but later, the Middle East has undergone many changes, and in the meantime, Syrians have returned to the battlefield to confront Israel.

In previous calculations, this incident was not considered as the main threat to the region. The question is how they created an army without taking into account the changes in the Middle East, “he wondered in his report.

Major-General Yitzhak Brick also warned against a future war and its effects on Israel. He predicted that this war would take place on four fronts: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

“Thousands of missiles will be fired at Israel. I think the Six-Day War was a game in comparison to a new war that could break out at one time or another, “he warned.

An Israeli officer also said that the Israeli army’s interaction with Lebanese Hezbollah would be different in 2019. He asserted that today’s Hezbollah is not the one we knew before.

“His fighters are organized and trained and want to fight directly with our troops. They have modern warfare methods. Hezbollah believes in the national ideology of defense and its troops enjoy many war experiences, unlike us, “he said.

Referring to Yitzhak Brick’s report, experts warned that Hezbollah, due to its successful experience in the war against Daesh in Syria, would enjoy military supremacy in the battlefield.