Israel declares War on Palestinian Political Prisoners

The party is over!”

This statement was announced by Israel’s Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan at a press conference.
On Wednesday January 2nd, Mr. Erdan said he would like to “worsen” the detention conditions of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli military prisons.

Knowing full well that these prisoners are languishing in cells devoid of their rights, suffering moral and physical abuse.

Believing that the detainees do not “suffer enough”, further restrictions will be implemented, namely: restricting water rations to significantly reduce the prisoners’ shower time, reducing their autonomy and ending of the separation of prisoners of rival Palestinian factions. “The detainees will no longer be able to share their cell with members of their affiliation group like Hamas or Fatah,” the Israeli Minister of Public Security said.

Adding that “The policy of separating Hamas prisoners from those affiliated with the rival Palestinian faction, Fatah, will also end.”

In addition to their sub-human condition in these jails, if this new proposal were to be accepted, funds earmarked for prisoner welfare from the Palestinian Authority will be blocked too. Thus, under this new plan of the Ministry of Public Security, they will no longer be allowed to practice certain activities such as cooking for themselves.

In November 2018, during a discussion on the subject, the Shin Bet and the Israeli army had expressed their opposition to which the Israeli Minister of Public Security responded saying “that his proposal was” rejected “by absolutely no Israeli security agency. ”

According to Al-Jazeera, Gilad Erdan said that “family visits by prisoners affiliated with the Hamas Palestinian movement would no longer be possible”.

This relentlessness should be implemented in Israeli jails within a year and is now heavily criticized by Palestinian leaders and activists. “Restrictions estimated as new violations of human rights by Israel”.

The number of Palestinian prisoners stands at 5,500, including 230 children and 54 women according to official statistics.

Hunger strikes, and demonstrations have been organized by the detainees in recent years to denounce the poor living conditions they suffer from their executioners. They also denounce many cases of torture and violence in detention centers.

The Anti-Zionist Party protests against all the mistreatment, humiliation and barbarity of the Israeli Zionist criminal entity against prisoners who have inalienable rights even in detention, just like all political, common or other prisoners around the world.
To strip them of their most basic and fundamental human rights in detention is the most morbid sadism.
The Israeli government is so devoid of humanity that it becomes horribly dangerous for all those who condone their infamous acts.
Where are the human rights institutions? Do they not have power over what they were created for? Are they this inefficient? Are they decoys to fool public opinion?
So many questions that we are entitled to ask ourselves and to which we give free rein to everyone for reflection.
Any injustice committed against an oppressed people will sooner or later be punished.