Israel Arms the Genocidal Regime of Burma

birmaniefinWith the exponential advancement of information and communication technologies, the secret aid which the Zionist entity is providing to repressive regimes now appears in broad daylight.

Thus, the general public has discovered that Burma, also known as Myanmar, has benefited from Israel’s military and security support.

Moreover, Burma, until now, continues to benefit from Israel’s support which is enabling it to even more effectively repress a part of its population.

Since its independence in 1948, several regions within Burma have faced a civil war. Burma was led by a military junta until 2015, when democratic elections designated the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, as head of the government.


While most Western and Asian countries were celebrating the democratization of this Southeast Asian country, the situation on the ground was quite different. Indeed, the government did not really control state security forces nor private militias, which were still under the command of the junta. Despite a democratic appearance, Burma is in fact governed by a military regime.

The junta continues to commit crimes against humanity, war crimes, and serious human rights violations throughout the country, particularly against ethnic minorities, especially against the Rohingya population.

This western minority in the state of Rakhin converted to Islam in the 16th century. Being in a 90% Buddhist country, they are a target of the various Burmese powers. A law which was enacted in 1982 deprived them of their citizenship, turning them into stateless people in their own country, and their intolerable persecution has almost become an official policy.

Rape, torture, murder, mass killings, and enslavement; the repression is so violent that the United Nations has called it “ethnic cleansing”.

The last operation of the security forces against this Muslim minority was launched last October in Rakhin, causing torture, disappearances, murders, rapes, and fires of entire villages.

These operations “probably killed several hundred people and caused about 66,000 people to flee to Bangladesh and another 22,000 to travel within the country,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. While the UN representative in Bangladesh stated that “Burma has embarked on an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Muslim minority in Rohingya”.


Last June, the UN senior official ruled that “the violations of Rohingyas’ rights, including denial of citizenship, forced labor, and sexual violence could be considered crimes against humanity”.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the figure which the Westerners made the icon for the resistance against the military junta has not changed anything for the people of Rohingyas. On the contrary, the leader has been silent, even an accomplice, to the genocidal policy of the regime against this Muslim minority. which seems hardly moved.

This regime needs tools and advice on how to carry out its repressive work. This is where the criminal Zionist entity, a global specialist in the field, intervenes.


Today, these ties are official and the Israeli government continues to supply weapons to the Rangoon regime. In this way, the military leaders of Burma have been engaged in a “buying frenzy” over the last few years with the Israeli armament industries.


In September 2015, General Min Aung Hlaing visited Israel accompanied by senior leaders of the Junta, including the sinister General Maung Aye. They met with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, the Israeli Defense Force chief of staff, the leaders of the defense systems, and leaders of security companies.

During the non-publicized visit, the first in 55 years, Junta leaders admitted that they bought Super Dvora patrol ships, military equipment, and training.

Amongst war criminals, this transaction has certainly gone well … However, the trade imperative is not Israel’s only reason for supporting the regime in Burma.

Indeed, links with Burma could bring interesting geopolitical advantages to the Israeli criminal entity, especially in the intelligence area.

Israel’s regional base will remain Singapore, but Rangoon could be considered a useful observation post from which to monitor and report key strategic developments on countries such as Iran, China, and India.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on the international community to strongly denounce the repression of the Burmese Muslim minority, and to take concrete actions in order to protect the victims of genuine genocide.

As for the Zionist entity, its links with the criminal Rangoon regime are not surprising. It has become a specialist in supporting torture schemes.

Thus, despite reports confirming abuse and other crimes against humanity, the Israeli Minister of Defense has refused to cease exports of security equipment to Burma.

But is this surprising coming from a regime that uses the same methods against the Palestinian population?


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President