Israel and the USA leave UNESCO

The Zionist entity of Israel and the United States put their arrogant threat into effect by leaving UNESCO on December 31st, 2018.

Of course, UNESCO is sad about this withdrawal, which minimizes the impact.
Recall that it was in October 2017 that the two arrogant powers had threatened to withdraw from UNESCO claiming that it had voted for several resolutions they considered anti-Israeli.

In protest over the “incessant bias of the organization against Israel”, Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu declined the invitation to a conference organized by UNESCO on the fight against anti-Semitism last September.


According to Netanyahu, UNESCO should “renounce the absurd behavior that denies the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and between the Jewish people and our eternal capital, Jerusalem” because for him it became ” the stage of the absurd where history is distorted rather than preserved. ”

Donald Trump, for his part, judged “the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as too” as anti-Israeli”.

No regret is felt by either the United States or Israel. A US Foreign Ministry official says that “unfortunately, UNESCO has systematically discriminated against Israel and is used to rewrite history by individuals who hate the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

The US and Israel will not reconsider their decision as long as the member countries of UNESCO vote resolutions denying any link between the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and Judaism and as long as they remain attached to Islamic countries.


The Anti-Zionist Party is not fooled and once again sees, in this act, a staging to deceive world public opinion and to justify the horrors they inflict on the Palestinian people.
Their arrogance is as disproportionate as their egocentrism. Finally, it is an excellent decision they made; UNESCO can only do better without these imperial-Zionist regimes!
2019 will surely reveal what the real purpose behind this sneaky maneuver was…