An Israeli General Recognizes Links Between ISIS and the Zionist Entity

22General Moshe Yaalon, a former Israeli defense minister, has just said something that he will regret and that embarrasses the Tel Aviv criminal regime.

Indeed, an article on the Zionist site “Times of Israel” on April 24th, reports that on Saturday, the official said that ISIS “apologized” for attacking an Israeli unit on the Syrian Golan Heights.

Yaalon spoke at a cultural event in the town of Afula (north of occupied Palestine) where he was interviewed on stage by Eli Levi, a station 10 correspondent.

“There was a case recently where ISIS opened fire and apologized”, said the General and former minister.

It seemed to refer to a weapons exchange between the Zionist entity and the terrorist group last November, on the occupied Golan Heights where the Israeli air force intervened, eliminating several Takfirist terrorists.

These statements of extreme importance embarrass the Zionist entity as they confirm its links with ISIS.

Indeed, the communication between them is not supposed to exist, because, according to Israeli law, it is illegal to have contact with an enemy agent.

Officer Yaalon refused to explain how the Islamic state had actually apologized to the Israeli regime after the attack.

The site “Russia Today” also reports “radio silence” in Israel after Yaalon’s revelations which “visibly embarrassed the Israeli officials” who “prefer to stay silent and say nothing”.

This is the first time that an Israeli General has officially recognized the contact between Israel and ISIS which, given the apology presented, is more like collusion.

Many media sources, including the site of the Anti-Zionist Party, have already reported cooperation and assistance to terrorists operating in Syria by the Israeli occupation army. The unpublished revelations of this senior Zionist official have confirmed them…

Unwillingly, Moshe Yaalon has just highlighted the alliance of the Tel Aviv regime with ISIS.

He only confirmed information which he had already semi- revealed on several previous occasions.

Indeed, while still a war minister, in November 2015 he declared that “Israel was not threatened by the terrorists of the Islamic State, despite more than one common border with areas where the movement is powerful and active”. In January 2016 he added that “I still prefer ISIS to Iran”.

The Anti-Zionist Party is pleased to note that the information it has revealed for many years concerning the links between ISIS and the criminal Zionist entity is confirmed by a prominent figure that cannot be suspected by complicity; the former Israeli defense minister “himself”!

Therefore, this information only confirms the reason for the absence of attacks on the Zionist entity by ISIS despite the geographical proximity, while Iraq and Syria are fields of ruin.

The Syrian authorities and their allies on the Axis of Resistance regularly accuse Israel of having directly assisted the Islamic State as well as other rebel groups. This exposes the facts which Tel-Aviv and the Western-Zionist media were systematically sweeping away.

Yet, it is well known in all Chancelleries that since 2011, Israel has provided weapons, intelligence, and military support to Takfirist terrorists operating in the occupied Golan and in the southern regions of Syria.

It is also known that even the rocket which was directed by ISIS against the Zionist territory, was only a pretext for the Israeli regime to justify its air and ballistic strikes against Syria.

Today, the criminal Zionist entity, through the voice of General Yaalon, confirms all of this.

However, it seems that our media and politicians, who take no notice of this information, are even more Zionist than the Israelis themselves.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President