Haaretz: shooting against Tel Aviv; an error

In the aftermath of the escalation between Israel and the Gaza Strip, the Israeli media backed Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s denials of Friday March 15 rocket attacks on Tel Aviv.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Israeli army’s investigation team reaffirms that the two Fajr M-75 rockets that fell on the Israeli city were fired by mistake during a maintenance operation, while representatives of the Resistance groups were meeting with an Egyptian delegation.

A few hours after firing two rockets targeting Tel Aviv, the two Palestinian resistance movements active in the Gaza Strip had assured in two separate statements that they were not the perpetrators.

Recalling their commitment to the recent ceasefire agreement, they warned, however, that if Israel crossed the Rubicon, the Resistance’s ballistic response would not be long in coming.

For observers, the fact that Egypt’s name was mentioned as guarantor of Israel’s interests, would allow Israel to more easily close the case of missiles against Tel Aviv to an Israeli opinion which is under heavy pressure.

According to Press TV, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reported four minor injuries in the 100 Israeli airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, the number of which was exaggerated by Israeli sources.