France rejects amalgamation between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism

The Zionist entity and its agents do not falter in their willingness to assimilate Judeophobia and anti-Zionism, with the aim of creating an amalgam between the protest of Israeli politics and anti-Semitism.

The goal is clear, it is to ensure the impunity of Israel and gag anyone who dares to oppose and denounce the crimes of the Zionist regime.

To this end, Tel Aviv and its intermediaries have been working with the European Union for many years to promote a manipulated definition of anti-Semitism and work towards a policy of amalgamation and intimidation; extremely dangerous for public debate and freedom of speech.

It should be remembered that on December 6, the council of Home and justice Affairs Council of the European Union adopted a declaration on combating antisemitism, prepared and negotiated in the greatest secrecy, which included an article inviting Member States to adopt this “definition”.

A definition submitted by the IHRA (International Alliance for the Remembrance of the Holocaust) that equates Israel’s criticism with anti-Semitism and aims at criminalizing Palestinian rights defenders.

This draft resolution called on member states to adopt the “IHRA definition” of anti-Semitism, which was accompanied by a number of “examples” clearly equating the fight against Zionism and the boycott campaigns of Israel as anti-Semitic practices.

The IHRA, in its guidelines for the definition of anti-Semitism, thus quoted “the denial of the right of the Jewish people to self-determination, for example by asserting that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist enterprise”.

It was also about “accusing Jewish citizens of being more faithful to Israel, or the so-called priorities of Jews around the world, than to the interests of their own nations.”

These “examples” were fortunately explicitly excluded during the negotiation, although the Israeli propaganda acted as if they had been adopted.

At the Permanent Representatives’ Committee meeting held on December 9 in Brussels, the representative of France recalled that the council of  “Justice  and Internal Affairs” had rejected the “examples” initially presented to it.


In its latest report, the CNCDH (National Consultative Commission on Human Rights) claims to be “not in favor of the transposition in France of this definition, for several reasons”.

“The first is that it is not in the French legal tradition to make such a distinction between racisms, as French law currently retains a global definition of racism. Such a singularization of anti-Semitism vis-à-vis other forms of racism could open Pandora’s Box, encouraging other groups to claim such recognition (Islamophobia, Homophobia, etc.).

Above all, it risks undermining the universal and indivisible approach of the anti-racist struggle that must prevail, even more in the context of the exacerbation of identity claims, “the CNCDH explains…

“The second reason is more in the text of the IHRA itself. The latter includes a short definition of anti-Semitism, several examples that are meant to illustrate and guide its work. Thus, it is asserted that “the manifestations of anti-Semitism may include the targeting of Israel, conceived as a Jewish community”, while being specified that “a criticism of Israel similar to that made against any another country cannot be seen as anti-Semitic “; Then comes a series of eleven contemporary examples of anti-Semitism, seven of which refer directly to Israel.

By multiplying the occurrences with the State of Israel, it tends to deviate from its primary object and proposes a questionable vision of contemporary anti-Semitism, which does not agree with that which is expressed today in France.

Indeed, the investigation of the “CNCDH-SIG-IPSOS 2017” survey on the thesis of a “new antisemitism” (polarized around Israel and Zionism) replacing the old. If it confirms the existence of a “new Judeophobia” which revolves around a negative image of Israel and its role in the conflict, it appears to be a very small minority.

“If we must be firm and vigilant against the anti-Semitic excesses of certain criticisms of Israel, we must avoid any instrumentalization of the fight against anti-Semitism, and not amalgamate to racism the legitimate criticism of a state and its policy, a  fundamental right in democracy, implemented in Israel even by opponents of the current government,” the report continues.

It should be recalled that according to the official texts, “the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights provides the Government with an advisory and proposal role in the field of human rights, international humanitarian law and international humanitarian action. It assists the Prime Minister and the ministers concerned by its opinions on all matters of general scope within its field of competence both at the national and international level. On its own initiative, it may publicly call the attention of Parliament and the Government to measures it considers likely to promote the protection and promotion of human rights. The commission exercises its mission in complete independence “.

The Anti-Zionist Party salutes the French intervention in the EU’s Permanent Representatives Committee, which undermines the manipulation policy implemented by the pro-Israel lobby in order to amalgamate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

France and other European countries must continue to firmly oppose these shenanigans, and any attempt to “adopt” a definition to prohibit any criticism of the Israeli Zionist entity and its crimes.

We call on French officials, and all those in the EU Member States, to clearly reject this “definition” and to prevent the Israeli criminal entity from interfering in our internal affairs to dictate its unfair laws and freely unfold its propaganda.