Food: a danger waiting for us

The basis of our diet is ultra-processed!


Are we aware of the overabundance of processed food that we have in our cupboards, our plates, and that we end up consuming? … Advertising propaganda is of such intensity that very few of us are seriously wonder about the source of our diet.

As proof, all we have to do is observe and read the labels on our cereals, prepared meals, drinks, or frozen products, etc.

Once faced with this list of ingredients, try to understand the meaning.

There is no doubt that it will be incomprehensible to you because of the complicated vocabulary, the small size, and the location of the writing. This is one of the deliberate techniques used by producers and manufacturers to confuse and misinform the consumer of the actual content of his diet.

You will notice that some ingredients are unknown to you, such as glucose syrup, fructose, processed starch, maltodextrin, etc. These are found in very simple foods such as brioche or breaded fish! Does this sound strange to you?

Ultra-processed foods are prepared according to a process that is far from being natural. The raw material will be broken down into several elements, this step is the breaking process.

These are the elements found in the endless list of ingredients in our cereal boxes. Next, these elements will be recomposed using another technique which will allow manufacturing food without containing a single gram of these elements, but which will still have taste, smell, etc. These manufactured products consist of many additives, bad sugars, and have almost no nutritional quality due to their innumerable industrial and chemical transformations.

According to a recent study associating researchers from Inserm, EREN (Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team) and Paris 13 University, we learn that the impact of these foods on our body is terrible due to all the modification and the decomposition they go through.

The effects on our body are increasingly important. In our society there is an unprecedented increase in chronic diseases, overweight, deficiencies, cancers, etc.

It is obvious to everyone that our diet is fundamental to our health. We can therefore say without a doubt that if in our modern societies we have more and more diseases, it is because we are not eating healthy!

Subsequently, this diet that causes diseases leads us to integrate a medical system that is not well designed, because, for example, most of the treatments provided for diseases such as diabetes and cancer do not cure the disease, on the contrary, they maintain it, thus supporting the business of the pharmaceutical industry.

This degradation in what we eat is involuntary for the consumer because we are drowning in the ignorance of what we eat.

Since early childhood, we consume these harmful products. As proof of this mental manipulation, we all have deceptive advertising slogans praising these toxic products in mind. For example: “Dairy products are our friends that…”

I’m sure you completed the sentence alone and instinctively…

Consumer ignorance is the spearhead in this fight, as it is better for the global elite to have a weakened body, physically and psychologically.

Unfortunately, we find that people are fooled by this flow of false information that is as dangerous as these foods.

Fortunately, a handful of personalities, such as Thierry Casanova for example, are aware about the subject of food, and participate greatly in spreading this consciousness. They do an extraordinary job in this area and re-educate consumers by explaining how to truly eat healthy, and how to establish a symbiotic relationship with their environment.

In short, we are faced with an illusion, a sleight of hand, which slowly but surely kills, and destroys our lives for the purpose of generalized enslavement and to use humanity as a “Money machine”.

By playing mad scientists with the natural order of things, our ruling elites have destabilize the latter, and provoked a manifest disruption of the essence of Man. As a result, we gradually lose control over ourselves …

Why do they seek to divert the deep nature of mankind with his sustenance, and to destroy what nature offers us in abundance which is perfectly adapted to our physiology?


It is clear that there is “food Zionism” working to achieve its goals.

The Anti-Zionist Party denounces with the utmost firmness these nonsense and false beliefs that are commonly accepted and widespread concerning our food.

We call on the people to wake up to these fundamental questions, by researching and modifying their diet and adapting it to everyone!