Airbus: $600 million for Israeli drones

The Airbus Group has signed a $600 million contract with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the supply of Heron TP-type UAVs.

The customer of this contract is none other than the German Ministry of Defense. This is to provide lease these drones for nine years. This rental program is a temporary solution until a European drone is ready for use around 2025.

A nine-year lease of MALE drones (medium altitude long endurance) would be based in Israel. A first for the German army that would have a permanent presence within the Zionist entity during the leasing period. In total, this operation will cost German taxpayers more than € 1 billion to lease five drones, three of which could be permanently armed, four ground stations and two simulators. The agreement will be effective after the validation of the federal budget.

This amount includes the maintenance of the aircraft’s operational condition (MCO), the training of 85 German soldiers under a bilateral framework agreement and, finally, the use of Israeli airspace and the Tel Nof   base, where the drones will be confined (178 million euros). On the other hand, the amount of the contract does not include the future purchase of weapons (missiles) or the specific link of German data.

In total, IAI will pocket a check for nearly $600 million.

Airbus will be responsible for the maintenance and operational support of drones. The MALE Heron TPs are to replace the Israeli Heron 1 UAVs that the German Army currently uses in Afghanistan and Mali. Germany will also pay 100 million euros to use the Heron TP in a stage of operations, and another 210 million for a second one.

This agreement is the first export agreement on this model, manufactured by the Israeli company belonging to the Zionist entity. The proposed contract has been on the negotiating table for many years and has encountered many obstacles.

The path was open for this deal after the last general election in Germany, which eventually resulted in a coalition government for which approval of the purchase of the drone was a condition for forming a coalition.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, at a conference on security in Jerusalem, that it was “a very important agreement.” “I think it contributes to security in Europe, he said, “This is a huge contribution to the Israeli defense industry and the Israeli economy. This agreement is an expression of the strategic partnership between Germany and Israel and the potential of the Israeli industry to contribute to countries like Germany, “said the Israeli prime minister on social networks.

The agreement on UAVs Heron TP fully enters into the bilateral relationship between Israel and Germany, which regularly subsidizes purchases of weapons from Tel Aviv for historical reasons.

The Anti-Zionist Party has once again noted the double standards of the West, where it is permissible to trade with Israel, which is constantly violating international law and enriching a military society, which undoubtedly participates in the daily suffering of the Palestinian people.

At the same time, it is forbidden to trade with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is treated as a terrorist state while respecting international law.

Germany has recently suspended the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, condemning “with the utmost firmness” the death of the Saudi journalist in Turkey.

However, what difference is there between Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity that has slaughtered the Palestinian people for more than 60 years?

Zionism and Wahhabism are two sides of the same coin; it is time for European countries to accept this state of affairs and stop being complicit in these rogue states by establishing commercial links with them.